Why We Need Fatima The Movie Right Now

The movie Fatima, which became available on-demand after many delays, including the worldwide pandemic, couldn’t come at a better time. I’ve seen the film twice already in advanced screenings and it has marvelously touched my soul. This movie will be for the Fatima apparitions what The Song of Bernadette is for Lourdes. 

People in the Marian shrine and apparition world often comment that “the message of (insert apparition) is more important today than ever before.  This can be said for Fatima and the film brings it out beautifully. 

Fatima Reminds Us That God Exists

The Marian apparitions received by the three shepherd children, Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucia, were preceded by a series of apparitions by the Angel of Portugal who taught them prayers and brought Holy Communion from Heaven.  We find ourselves living a time when belief in God is not as widespread.  Where people live their lives indifferent to God’s existence or doubt God to be real.  The prayer the Angel taught the children allows them to reaffirm their belief and love of God and to pray for those who do not.  Let’s pray the Angelic prayer right now: “My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You! I ask pardon of You for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love You.”

Fatima Raises Our Hearts and Minds to Heaven

The reality of Fatima or any other apparitions for that matter is that it presents to the hearer the mystery of Heaven.  Mary comes from Heaven and appears to these children conveying her message.  As I watched the film Fatima I sensed within me a greater desire for the Kingdom of Heaven and wanting to live with Jesus and Mary.  That wasn’t absent beforehand but the film evoked that deep within.  For all of us, Heaven is our destiny.  Fatima serves as a road sign along the way helping us to live holy and upright lives worthy of the Kingdom. 

Fatima Reminds Us that Mary Loves Us

Mary comes from Heaven, sent by God, to give a message to the world through children.  That in itself tells us how much we are loved by Mary.  In the Fatima apparitions, the children asked Our Lady about certain people who died and if they were in Heaven or would go to Heaven.  Then they asked about themselves.  Mary said that Francisco would have to pray many rosaries.  As the children conversed after the apparition in the movie, Francisco retorts, “She knows everything.”  For Francisco, receiving that message was one of love.  It was as if Mary was saying to him, “I am your mom and this is what you need to do.”  It should startle us that a young boy who dies at the age of 10 had to pray many rosaries, what about all of us? 

Mary’s love for us also comes out when she teaches the children specific prayers. 

O Jesus, it is for love of You, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy. Amen.

Mary is a mother who teaches her children how to pray and these prayers show forth her concern for souls, wanting them to be converted, saved from damnation, and live forever in Heaven.  Fatima reminds us how much Mary loves us as our spiritual mother.

The Children of Fatima Inspire

The movie Fatima beautifully captures the life of the shepherd children.  At one point in the film, a person remarks that Jacinta was a mystic.  During the Fatima centennial, that was something I came to realize—the profundity of Jacinta and Francisco’s spirituality for being so young.  They had an encounter with the Blessed Virgin and it changed their life and marked everything that they did.  For me, seeing these saintly children play out on the screen encouraged me to desire holiness and pray more.  Think about the request of Our Lady- pray the rosary every day for peace in the world.  Now examine your relationship with the rosary.  Do you pray it everyday?  If not, why don’t you?  As I contemplated my relationship with the rosary after watching the movie, I realized if these little children dedicated themselves to praying their beads, then there is no reason why I cannot do it.  Indeed, the spiritual lives of the Fatima shepherd children inspired me. 

Our World Needs Peace

In 2020, our world needs peace.  We are living in the middle of a health pandemic and this reality might be depriving us of peace of mind.  We can pray the rosary and ask Mary to quiet our minds, obtain for us peace, and a greater trust in God.  In 2020, we have seen public protests and disruptions in major metropolitan areas.  Violence ensued.  We need peace.  We can pray the rosary and ask Mary to grant a conversion to people’s hearts on all sides of a situation so that violence is no longer necessary, and peace can prevail.  If you are noticing a lack of peace in the world, do something about it, and pray the rosary.  After all, this is what our mother asked us to do. 

This Movie Gives Us Hope!

If you are at the brink of despair, Fatima will be a movie that uplifts you and brings you hope.  The Fatima movie and message made an impression on my soul.  When I finished watching the film, I knew what I needed to do next.  I went for a rosary walk and meditated on the mysteries of the rosary.  Today, right now, we need the Fatima message.  Not only to hear it, but to live it.  Fatima the Movie is the perfect place to start because it’s the movie we all need right now. 

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Fr. Edward Looney is a priest in the Diocese of Green Bay, a Marian theologian, author, columnist, media personality, podcaster, film enthusiast, and fellow pilgrim. He is the host of the podcast, Hey Everybody! It’s Fr. Edward. You can follow him on social media at the handle @FrEdwardLooney.

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