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The Vocation of Consecrated Virginity | feat. Mary Beth Bracy

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Catholic Exchange contributor Mary Beth Bracy resolved on Divine Mercy Sunday to be “married to Jesus Christ immortal.” She joins the podcast to share about her vocation as a Consecrated Virgin in the world. 

Mary Beth sheds light on:

  • Saints who were consecrated virgins and the role of this vocation in the early Church
  • Her resolutions, daily responsibilities, and prayer routine
  • The community aspect of consecrated virginity, and role in parish life
  • Maintaining her perpetual Eucharistic adoration chapel
  • The importance of spiritual direction
  • How writing helped her to discern
  • Tips for discerning any vocation

Mary Beth’s writing can be found at Catholic Exchange and on her blog, The Little Way.

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Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash