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Along with our own platforms, the editors and writers of Catholic Exchange are often invited to share their insights in other venues. You can often find Catholic Exchange contributors discussing their articles and projects in both secular and spiritual media. These appearances allow us to share our vision and mission with many others, often leading them back to the great resources here at Catholic Exchange.

Our Editor, Kristen Van Uden

Kristen Van Uden serves as an author spokesperson at Sophia Institute Press. She received her MA in History from the College of William & Mary and her BA in History & Russian from Saint Anselm College. She studies the persecution of Catholics under communist regimes. She has been featured on a wide range of media platforms including Coast to Coast AMThe Federalist, and the Catholic Faith Network.

Recent media appearances:

  • Over the summer, Kristen spoke with Coast to Coast AM’s George Noory about the Antichrist, drawing from the works of Fr. Vincent Miceli. Listen HERE. Kristen is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast, and has been previously featured on the topics of Purgatory and Eucharistic Miracles.
  • Steve Cunningham of Sensus Fidelium interviewed Kristen about the particular examen, an examination of conscience based on the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Kristen discussed one of her new favorite saints, St. Gemma Galgani, with Italy-based filmmaker David Battistella.
  • First Things editor Mark Bauerlein interviewed Kristen about St. John of the Cross & St. Teresa of Avila’s teachings on private revelation.

CE Authors in the News

  • Joshua Nelson was featured by Respect Life Radio for his article “Offer Up Your Fear.”
  • Michele Chronister and Teresa Hodgins were featured on Catholic Vote’s The Loop for their articles offering a Catholic approach to the crisis of “gender identity.”

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