Adeodatus | The Renewal of Catholic Education feat. Dr. Alex Lessard

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Dr. Alex Lessard joins the podcast to discuss the organization Adeodatus, “an educational nonprofit organized to support the ongoing renewal of Catholic liberal education through conferences, community-building, publication, consulting, and due diligence.”

Dr. Lessard touches upon:

  • The importance of the liberal arts and the role of the Church in education
  • The whole-person approach to education vs. the utilitarian modern model
  • The true purpose of learning: the ascent to wisdom and knowledge of God
  • Why any scholar, when divorcing an academic field from its teleological end in God, loses expertise of the field itself
  • Resources for grassroots implementation of Catholic principles of formation
  • Technology in education: how we must control the tools lest they control us

Listeners can learn more at adeodatus.com. The first of three annual conferences is taking place later this month.

Image by Zigres on Shutterstock