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Judith Costello, MA, OCDS is a Third Order Discalced Carmelite from a rural town in New Mexico. She and her family live on a five acre plot they call "Sagging Acres." Even though Peter, age 18, weed whacks two acres on a regular basis, the weeds keep on growing! With two kids, one goat "kid", several chickens and ducks, Sagging Acres is always busy! Judith writes from her experiences in parenting and in studying the faith. She blogs regularly with CatholicMom.com and IntegratedCatholicLife.com and now with CatholicExchange.com. She writes for regional and national publications as well. Her lessons on faith, written for CatechismClass.com are now available in limited edition book form--"How to Pray Like the Saints" and "To Mary, Our Morning Star." She is an artist and her work can be seen at www.flickr.com/photos/faithart/. Peter is heading for Notre Dame.

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