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Vision & Mission

Catholic Exchange seeks to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ as proclaimed by the Catholic Church to the world.  The Christian life begins when we exchange our fallen humanity for life in Christ.  Catholic Exchange facilitates this transformation through media and online community. We seek to mobilize a global community of spiritual, cultural and political transformation, helping to create a new Christendom across the globe.

In pursuit of this mission

  • We provide high-quality, faith-based content that delivers timely, relevant and practical information.
  • We offer educational programs as a means of promoting spiritual formation.
  • We employ a social networking strategy to connect our community members with vital Catholic ministries, helping Catholics put their faith into action.


Launched first by Daniel Daou as e3mil.com (Evangelization for the Third Millennium), Catholic Exchange became an independent religious non-profit in July 2001.  Since that time it has distinguished itself as one of the premier Catholic portals on the Internet, branching out into book publishing– A Guide to the Passion: 100 Questions About The Passion of The Christ—and video production, Champions of Faith.  Ably led for more than a decade by its staff and an independent board of outstanding Catholic laymen, Catholic Exchange became part of Sophia Institute Press in the fall of 2011.

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What others are saying about Catholic Exchange

“Catholic Exchange’s proven and effective solidly Catholic programs have already touched the lives of millions. Catholic Exchange has been personally helpful to me and my efforts to lead with faith and integrity, and I know they help many others. They need your prayers and your support to continue their work. Please help their work in any wayyou can .” – Senator Sam Brownback, (R-Kansas)

“Catholic Exchange is just what the Church of the 21st Century needs. It’s smart, relevant, accessible and blessedly above the political polarization that so defines most religious media. It isn’t just a tool of the New Evangelization called for by John Paul II; it IS the New Evangelization.” – Barbara R. Nicolosi, founder, Act One.

“Catholic Exchange is a gift to Catholics everywhere. A voice at last can be heard in modern media that speaks eloquently on behalf of committed Catholics who love the Church.” – Dr. Matthew Bunson, General Editor, The Catholic Almanac.

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