Work in Progress

Today, we are venturing into a “soft launch” of the new Catholic Exchange website.  Tomorrow, will be the official launch date.  As you take a look around, you’ll see some remaining scaffolding from the ambitious reconstruction in which we’ve been engaged.  A few things may even blink on and off.  Glitches are to be expected.

At the same time, we are excited that you’ll begin to enjoy the ease of navigation, the increased readability of the new site, and more opportunities to participate in the discussion.  Soon there will also be more educational resources for spiritual formation; more ways to connect with helping ministries for yourself and for others.

Today, enjoy our “open house.”  Tomorrow, we move in.

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  • Great job, Harold. CE really looks awesome now and easier to maneuver. 

  • Luke Slonkosky

    Awesome layout. Well done.