Will Good Ever Really Triumph?

Daniel 7:2-14 / Lk 21:29-33

With the end of the church year upon us, the prophet Daniel draws upon his own vivid imagination and the rich imagery of the Jewish apocalyptic tradition to paint for us a stunning picture of the final confrontation of good and evil. In his story, good triumphs, and we breath a sigh of relief, for as real life in this broken world of ours continues to unfold, the ultimate outcome can seem in doubt, especially on our bad days.

Within ourselves there are too many things which don’­t seem to get fixed or get better across the years. And around us on every side, the same too often seems true in our neighborhoods, in our cities, among nations, in the eroding environment, in the eroding spirituality of so many. That’s the way it looks at times, and the way it feels, so we have to dig deep for answers.

The ultimate answer is that it’s still God’s world, and it is still God who breathes life into everything that lives, everything that is, from moment to moment. If we try to build the kingdom on our own, all by ourselves, we will fail. But if we let go of our own narrow agendas and let God guide our hands, the kingdom will surely come, not necessarily on our timetable, but it will come.

So relax in the Lord, give him your hands and your heart, and trust in his power to make all things work for the good of those who love him.