Why We Will Lose the Same-Sex Marriage Fight

We are going to lose the same-sex marriage battle.

We’re going to lose because we have cut ourselves loose from the pier a long time ago and are adrift in the sea, with no compass, no sail, no oar, and no food. We lost it back at the Lambeth Conference in 1930, and some decades later with contraception and no-fault divorce.

I’ve read quite a few blog posts, articles, and status updates on this issue, and the one thing I haven’t seen is any sort of reasoned discussion going on at all. And that’s a bad sign, because it means that one or both sides is unable or unwilling to engage in such a dialogue. Instead, the slogan is: if you are against same-sex marriage, you are a vicious person.

Our culture, such as it is, is swayed by sound bites. “If two people love each other, how can that be wrong?” “It’s someone’s right to do what they want, if they love each other. It’s not hurting you is it, so what’s your problem?”

Trying to explain natural law to people who pipe TV directly into their bodies intravenously is an exercise in futility. And most people in our country have IVs in each arm.

Countless Christians are jumping on board too, foolishly thinking that they are fighting for something good like the end to slavery. Here’s the formula:

1. Christian hears a church denigrates person with SSA
2. Christian rightly defends the dignity of that person
3. Christian cannot mentally separate the person from the same-sex act
4. Christian endorses same-sex acts, same-sex marriage

People should be treated with respect and love, no matter the temptations they face or sins they commit. But that doesn’t mean condoning sin.

And as so many others have pointed out, it will not be enough to stay silent when same-sex marriage goes through. You will be compelled to approve of it, or face fines, jail, persecution.

Just ask St. Thomas More whether staying silent will save you when you refuse to compromise your integrity when asked by those in power to condone their evil actions.

I will keep fighting. For the sake of our country, our fellow-man, and my family, but I fully expect us to lose, and lose badly.

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Devin is the author of If Protestantism Is True and he blogs at St. Joseph’s Vanguard.

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