Who Wants Abortion in Spain?

Media outlets, in both Europe and the United States, have been reporting that nearly one hundred people in Madrid (I doubt even that many) have shown up to protest the new Spanish government’s vows to place restrictions on abortion, as it had promised during campaigns. These measures would repeal the liberal abortion regime that Zapatero’s government enacted in 2009, allowing abortion on demand for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

What is saddening is how the media is choosing to focus on few (dare I say it?) old radical frustrated feminists who want free and unlimited abortions on demand, and not on the reason the abortion restrictions are being restored in the first place – namely, the estimated 1 million Spaniards that gathered in Madrid for a March for Life in 2009 to protest the liberal abortion regime and subsequently voted the Zapatero crowd out of office. I was fortunate enough to witness it first hand.

It was amazing! The streets were packed from sidewalk to sidewalk with groups of youth chanting “si a la vida, aborto no!” and entire families representing every generation. I don’t recall even one news report in the United States about that protest, if you can call it that. It was more like a Pro-Life festival.

Instead, five or six radical feminists take the streets, and their pictures get shown all around the world. Why western media chooses to focus on such unappealing messages like those being put out by washed up and failed abortion supporters is baffling.

Look for yourselves, and see where the future lies. It is probably brighter than you think:

Pro-Abortionists, Madrid, 2012



Pro-Lifers, Madrid, 2009:




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