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What the Saints Thought About Ghosts | feat. Tom McDonald

What the Saints Thought About Ghosts | feat. Tom McDonald

To celebrate All Hallow’s Eve and the Month of the Holy Souls, Michael welcomes historian and author Tom McDonald.

It can be hard to think of saints having any opinions on ghostly apparitions or haunting dreams. However, as Tom makes clear, saints from Augustine to Thomas Aquinas shared their thoughts on the possibility of seeing spirits as well as their own experiences. Are they the souls of purgatory, angels, or devils? We’ll discuss that as well as the new pop phenomenons surrounding Halloween.

Other things we discuss in today’s show:

  • St. Gregory the Great’s tales of spirits from Purgatory reaching out to the living for prayers.
  • A purgatorial vision of the Wild Hunt.
  • Why the modern world is fascinated by ghosts and what dangers this curiosity can pose.
  • Prayers for the dead and why they are necessary.

Resources we mentioned:

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