What Mother Cabrini’s Colorado Miracle Taught Me About Our Work

Not far from Denver is a miraculous spring where you can collect the water or get it blessed at the nearby shrine. This spring may provide miracles and comfort for modern pilgrims, but its original intent was for everyday needs. 

This spring on Lookout Mountain wasn’t there when St. Frances X. Cabrini established a small farm and summer camp for her orphanage. In fact, there wasn’t a convenient water source on the mountain for the nuns. That was until Mother Cabrini declared a spot where they would find plenty of water. Since then, that miraculous spring has continued to flow and pilgrims like me keep it around in small bottles. 

Water can seem so mundane, but it is also essential. Even without the healing properties, the spring Mother Cabrini called forth was still a blessing for the nuns and children, who needed it for drinking and cleaning. And through that spring, modern pilgrims still hope in God’s miracles through the prayers of St. Frances Cabrini. Even a century later, the water continues to flow. 

When I consider the work of Catholic Exchange, I often ask Mother Cabrini that our work can be like her spring: a small and everyday grace that will quench the spiritual thirst of people for years to come.

Our spring is the dozens of articles and daily devotions we publish each week. These stories, lessons, and sermons touch millions of people across the world. I often hear of how just a simple click brought people to great spiritual growth at CE or even brought them back to the sacraments. They may seem to be only words on your screen but they truly do provide great spiritual nourishment for countless souls. 

Catholic Exchange is essential for many of our readers, and we know we have to do our work in faith that we’ll reach exactly who God wants us to reach. That is why we daily work to keep all our resources available to you for free and we’ll never place anything behind a paywall. CE is free but it is not free to create and sustain and that’s why I’m turning to you dear reader to support our work. 

Through the generosity of our supporters, Catholic Exchange has survived the current health and economic crisis to bring the light of Christ to many who may be unable to attend Mass at this time. Now, more than ever, we are essential for many and are asking you to join our supporters so that Catholic Exchange can continue to help make saints in our time. 

Dear reader, so that we continue to see our small spring flow, we are asking you to visit our secure online donation form and make a tax-deductible donation to us today. If you are able, could you please click this link and donate $5, $10, or even $100 today?

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Whether you are able to donate today or not, please add us to your prayers. Pray for us to continue to find ways to evangelize and inspire the millions of people we reach. If you can ask Mother Cabrini to help us, that would be especially appreciated. Through the prayers of you and the saints we are strengthened and encouraged. 

As the world descends into chaos and darkness, we at Catholic Exchange will continue to do our small part to make saints for our time. These little saints may shine only a flicker at first, but such a light is bright enough to touch millions and bring much needed grace and peace in the lives of so many suffering souls. 

If you have ever been touched by Catholic Exchange or found our work to be helpful in your spiritual life, would you kindly click this link and consider donating today? Every dollar is a grace to us and no amount is too small

As we face our uncertain future, we continue to rely on readers like you who provide much-needed financial and spiritual support. We can’t do it without you and I hope you can offer us aid in whatever way you can. 

We also face our future with the assurance that God will be with us, each step, as we have seen in the past. We have seen those moments of grace in the past and we know there are many more in the future. If you can help us to continue, there is yet another mercy for more people who are inspired by the work of Catholic Exchange to start their long journey to sainthood. 

You can support Catholic Exchange through your prayers and by clicking this link to donate one time or monthly as you are able to. Through these two means of support, Catholic Exchange will continue to give hope to a wounded world in need of the healing found only in Christ.

Thank you for reading our appeal. We appreciate your time and support. Please know of our prayers for you, in great gratitude.

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image: A small chapel built over the miraculous spring a the Mother Cabrini Shrine near Golden, CO by Chris Light / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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Michael J. Lichens is the former editor of Catholic Exchange, whose writing has appeared in both Catholic and mainstream sources. With an M.A. from the University of Chicago of Divinity School, Michael spends much of his days editing, writing, and researching great works in Catholic literature and also shares a passion for the overlooked moments in faith. You can track his love of ossuaries and saints at mlichens.com or here on CE.

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