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What Good is Prudence? (theologian & podcast host Fr. Gregory Pine, OP)

Today we welcome Fr. Gregory Pine, a Dominican and doctoral student as well as author of the new book Prudence: Choose Confidently, Live Boldly. We tackle the big, small, and scary questions about prudence and how you can grow in this overlooked virtue.

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Check out Prudence: Choose Confidently, Live Boldly to learn more. Also check out Fr. Pine’s previous book, Marian Consecration With Aquinas. You can listen to more of Fr. Pine’s insights on the podcasts Godsplaining and Pints With Aquinas.

Also check out Fr. Romano Guardini’s monumental book, Learning the Virtue’s That Lead You to God. Finally, we also recommend Fulton J. Sheen’s Victory Over Vice

Photo by Sylvie V on Unsplash