Homily of the Day

Wednesday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

There are many types of prayer. There are times we ask God for something we need, sometimes we ask forgiveness for our sins, and other times we simply praise Him for His tremendous gifts and blessings. Jesus, in the gospel, blesses God for revealing to his disciples the mysteries of the kingdom, things which the eye cannot see but which only God can reveal to man. Being the Son of God, he expresses his immense gratitude to his Father for the enlightenment poured out on his disciples. Jesus is completely overwhelmed by the graciousness of his Father. He calls his disciples “little ones” because of their simplicity and openness to the voice of God.

Have you ever been this grateful to God? Has God ever filled you with so much joy because of the blessings he has bestowed on you and your loved ones? What a wonderful feeling it must be to be totally grateful to the almighty and ever-loving God. God, who is a loving Father, always gives us good things. We just have to be aware of His many actions in our favor. We have to be in tune with His plan for us. We should have a father-son relationship with Him. We can do this only through His Son Jesus Christ. To know the Son is to know the Father. To love the Son is also to love the Father. It is impossible to love one without loving the other because the Father has sent His Son to show to the world His immense love for mankind, to show to us His tremendous plan of salvation for the world. So let us always love and praise the Lord.