Warming to the Truth on Climate Change

The hoax of man made global warming is being exposed. Recent evidence of the doctoring of data by top climate scientists with political agendas to make it show warming that wasn’t there and hide recent cooling is just the tip of the iceberg, one that is not melting as alarmists have been proclaiming. Let’s review a few related facts.

Temperatures have always fluctuated naturally on this planet. Looking back over the past 100 years, the earth warmed from 1900 to around 1940. There was global cooling after that until the late 1970’s. It warmed again in the 1980’s and 1990’s, with that warmth peaking in 1998. There has been no warming since then even as CO2 has increased during the entire period. Eleven straight years of increasing CO2 and we’re still cooler than 1998!

As of the 2009 growing season, the US has now gone a record 21 straight years without a widespread drought in the Cornbelt. Soybean yields this year are easily a record. Corn yields were just shy of a record because it was actually too COOL in the Upper Midwest, not allowing much of the crop to reach full maturity. Climate models from man made global warming alarmists have consistently predicted increasing droughts along with yield reducing excessive heat. As a meteorologist that understands these models and appreciates our challenge to get the weather forecast right for next week, it has always amazed me that the public has been so easily bamboozled into believing the exaggerated 50 year cataclysmic climate forecasts. Would you keep believing the same weather man if he was wrong 11 forecasts in a row, then tried to sell you on his “long range” forecasts? Predicting climate is not just about tweeking model equations that relate to radiative forcing by greenhouse gases.

The problem is that the source of these errant forecasts and flawed interpretations are biased scientists, working with leaders of groups with the same thing in mind. Their goal is to have a significant influence on governmental policy, specifically as it relates to regulating carbon dioxide. A key element to success has been manipulated data and propaganda. Global warming has been twisted into a powerful issue that has attracted millions of loyal followers who believe the “debate is over” as Al Gore stated. Realizing that the warming had stopped after 1998, they even changed the name to “Climate Change.” The current scandal, “Climategate,” as it’s now being called is just evidence of what some of us scientists have known for awhile. We have been witnessing an unprecedented, coordinated campaign to prove the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming and blame greenhouse gases using creative, whatever works, strategies. The urgency to pass expensive legislation has more to do with shoving it through while many still have the illusion that it’s worth the hefty cost because the planet is still warming. Ironically, Cap and Trade in full force and doing what they claim it will to the earths temperature would make a difference of only a tenth of 1 degree over the next 50 years. The natural cooling since 1998 is far greater than that.

2009 was also a quiet hurricane season, the 3rd in the last 4 years to under perform. This after very active 2004, 2005 and 2008 seasons. More evidence of the natural variability. Atlantic basin activity is not determined by global temperatures, but from a natural 25-year cycle. We have around a decade left in the active phase of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) which is associated with a strong thermohaline circulation, driven by Atlantic Ocean salinity variations.

The sunspot count continues to be at the lowest level in a century. Looking back in the past, there appears to be a strong link between an inactive sun and a cooler earth. The sun is the source of incoming heat on this planet. It has cycles that we haven’t been around long enough to study and understand clearly. We do know with certainty that all of the many temperature fluctuations in the past were caused by natural cycles or events. These natural cycles will continue to happen with or without human beings. That’s why temperatures have gone up and down the past 100 years even while man made CO2 has gone up EVERY year.

The biggest legitimate link involving CO2 is with plants. We know that increasing CO2 increases plant growth and crop yields. CO2 is essential to all life forms on earth. Treating it as pollution is about as absurd as believing we can predict our climate 50 years from now. We also know that the warmer our planet has been in the past, the more life it supported. The most devastating blows to creatures on earth — from temperatures — came from cold.

Powerful evidence of life doing better because of increased CO2 and warmth comes from digital satellite observations that were processed, refined and compared to changes of satellite-based maps of vegetation collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s series of AVHRR (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer) sensors. The digital satellite observations were processed into maps by NASA’s Global Inventory Modeling and Mapping Studies project.

The time frame for this comprehensive study is significant. It studied the years of greatest warming this century. The scientists concluded: “Between 1982 and 1999, 25 percent of the Earth’s vegetated area experienced increasing plant productivity.” They assumed that “increasing CO2 caused plants to grow better” but “carbon dioxide fertilization couldn’t be solely responsible for the change; climate change must be playing a role as well.” Part of this was from more sunshine in the tropics and part of the increased plant productivity was from warmer temperatures in the high northern latitudes.  At what point will the theorists pay attention to the empirical data?

I believe in reducing all forms of real pollution, recycling, conserving and developing energy sources to replace fossil fuels. I also believe strongly in telling the truth. The truth is that CO2 is not pollution and that man did not cause much of the global warming that occurred in the last one hundred years. Don’t believe the cleverly constructed presentations using distorted data from agenda driven groups. They consider their hidden interests to be more important than the truth. They often use well-intentioned credible people to help perpetrate the scam. Don’t believe them. We need to hold our policy makers accountable for their decisions, basing them on truth and the best interest of our country and planet. Don’t believe me either. Educate yourself on the subject, verify that everything stated here is the truth… then believe it!

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