Viewer Support Leads to Breakthrough Developments at Catholic Exchange

Whether you’re a regular viewer of Catholic Exchange or you drop by only occasionally, we would like to update you about some exciting recent breakthroughs that have taken our evangelizing work to a new level.

Accomplishing the Mission

There are several reasons why we do these quarterly updates: 1) so that you will know exactly what has been accomplished through your gifts; 2) so that you will know what we are planning for the future; 3) to ask for your assistance in making these goals a reality; and 4) to send special gifts back to you in appreciation for your support.

If you haven’t ever given to Catholic Exchange before, we want you to consider the uniquely powerful “evangelistic bang-for-the-buck” that this apostolate represents. Our mission is to evangelize the world through the media with the Good News of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. We’re moving forward boldly to carry out this mission through the Internet, radio, newspapers, books, and movies — and making tremendous strides. But I can’t emphasize enough that we need your help to continue accomplishing the work that needs to get done.

Friends, you are an essential part of this apostolate! When you give your prayers or financial support to Catholic Exchange, you really do become a partner with us in the New Evangelization.

That is not mere hype. It is a spiritual reality in that you share in the merits of the good works we accomplish. And it is a practical reality because your tangible assistance enables us to continue doing this important work. The simple fact is that we cannot do it without you.

What’s Going on around Here?

Here is what we have going on since our last update.

FREE BIBLE STUDIES ARE BACK! Just in time for Lent, we offered a free online Bible study! With the overwhelming success of our Catholic Scripture Study group program (now over 300 groups in 40 countries!), our viewers have asked for a shorter form of the program to use at home, either with their families or alone. The theme is “Jesus’ Passion: The Story of Redemptive Suffering,” in keeping with the Church’s recommendation to meditate on the Passion and Death of our Lord during Lent.
Your contribution will enable us to offer more free online Bible studies in the months to come.
CE TAKES TO THE AIRWAVES! We’re also excited to announce that our popular weekly podcast, “Catholic Exchange Today with John Morales,” has been picked up by a nationwide radio network and will soon be available for broadcast on radio stations across the country. “Catholic Exchange Today” is produced with the quality standards of major network radio programs, which makes it a powerful evangelization tool for millions of talk show listeners. It’s got a fresh voice, energy and focus that will serve to elevate all of Catholic radio to a whole new level. So if there’s a Catholic radio station in your area, please ask them if they’ll be running Catholic Exchange Today!
Your contribution will enable us to distribute our show to stations throughout the US!
It was only two years ago when Catholic Exchange helped the faithful around the world prepare for the most popular religious movie in history by publishing A Guide to the Passion: 100 Questions About the Passion of the Christ. Catholics and many others responded enthusiastically, ordering the book in bulk for their parishes, schools, and study groups, and eventually absorbing over a million copies.

Now, once again, an upcoming film with religious overtones is a hot discussion topic in the media and among believers and non-believers alike — and again Catholic Exchange is responding in a powerful way. This film, of course, is something quite different: a deceptive and diabolical collection of misleading falsehoods, masquerading as entertainment that threatens to damage the faith of millions. Yes, The DaVinci Code, after perching like a vulture on the New York Times bestseller list for nearly three years, will soon be released as a major Hollywood motion picture.

Catholic Exchange has helped bring together a coalition of Catholic groups to produce the definitive response to this offensive movie: The DaVinci Deception. This easy-to-read, question-and-answer book tackles the key errors in this aggressive cultural attack. It is the perfect giveaway to family, friends, parishioners, and anyone you think may be in danger of having their faith in Christ and His Church eroded by the mockery of Truth that is The DaVinci Code.
Your contribution will help us wage a powerful campaign to spread the truth about this film and undermine its negative effects and box-office potential!

We cannot do all these pioneering evangelization projects and continue to operate our popular website, with over a million visits per month, without your help! Catholic Exchange is not funded by any Church organization, but rather by the faithful support of friends like you.

So there you have it. We are asking for your prayers — and your financial support — because this is the way effective Catholic evangelization works. We have shown ourselves to be reliable stewards in the past, and we are once again asking for your trust. We’ve told you what we intend to do with your gifts because we believe in our plan and are very excited about all the new avenues of evangelization that are opening up to us.

I tell you truly that every one of us here at Catholic Exchange is in a state of wonder at what God has let us do for love of Him and for love of you, our brothers and sisters in the faith. And I assure you that your hard earned money will be wisely spent and bear fruit!

We Have Something for You

We only ask your help once per quarter, but in this Lenten season we are asking if you can please be even more generous than usual. The reason is because a generous (and anonymous) benefactor of Catholic Exchange has offered to match every contribution during Lent, dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000! That means that your $50 gift becomes $100, your $100 gift becomes $200, and you can do the math from there. If you help us today, we’ll be able to do even more to teach — and defend — the faith throughout the world.

To everyone who makes a tax-deductible contribution of $50 or more, we’re offering a special gift: a copy of our newest and best book ever, The DaVinci Deception. This book will prepare you for the inevitable water-cooler discussions about the film. We give you solidly Catholic, well-researched answers to the most common questions you'll hear: Was Jesus really married? Is the Church anti-woman? Did the Church really make Jesus a god three hundred years after His death? and 97 more.

The DaVinci Deception is yours with a gift of $50 or more to Catholic Exchange — and please remember that your $50 will become a $100 gift to help us continue our work spreading the True Faith in and out of Lent! If you’d like multiple copies of The DaVinci Deception to fortify friends or relatives whom you fear may be led astray by this film, we’d be happy to send 10 copies of the book to anyone who makes a gift of $250 or more.

Here's how to contribute quickly, easily, and securely.

1. You can use your credit card right now to send your gift online on the secure Catholic Exchange website. Just click here.

2. You can donate over the phone. Just call us toll-free at 1-888-477-1982.

3. You can mail your gift to us at Catholic Exchange, P.O. Box 231820, Encinitas, CA 92023.

Thank you again for your prayers and your generosity.

Yours in Christ,

Tom Allen

Editor & President

Catholic Exchange

PS: We are not kidding when we say that we need your help. And we need it more than ever right now, because every gift during Lent will be doubled. Could you please be as generous as you can, and click here now, so we can take maximum advantage of this extraordinary opportunity, and you can rest assured that your faith-related charitable giving this Lent will have a doubly powerful effect in advancing Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict’s New Evangelization. Thank you!

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