US Joins Britain, Netherlands, UN to Support ‘Gay Pride’ in Peru

The embassies of the United States, Britain, and the Netherlands have joined the United Nations to issue a declaration in favor of “gay rights” in Peru.

“On the occasion of the celebrations of this year of Gay Pride in Peru, we express our support and solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities in Peru,” the signatories declare. “Transgender” is a reference to those who claim that their “true” sex is different from their physical sex.

“We urge all governments to ensure that niether sexual orientation nor gender identity is the cause of stigma and discrimination,” the governments add, congratulating the Peruvian Congress on its own recent declaration encouraging states to stop “violations of human rights against people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Carlos Polo, head of the Population Research Institute’s Latin American Office and a Peruvian, slammed the declaration. “This type of manifestation by foreign embassies demanding the changes of the laws of my country is unacceptable,” he said. “This is an intervention that can only be understood because in the mentality of some countries there are still residues of colonial periods.”

“These same countries wouldn’t accept our Peruvian embassy even expressing opinions regarding the laws in the United States, France, or the United Kingdom, let alone proposing to change them or pressuring them through local groups,”  Polo told

Regarding Peru’s own declaration, Polo noted that “there was not any debate nor discussion for approving it,” despite the fact that “there was much disagreement” among the delegates.  Polo explained that the declaration was rolled up in a 440-page bill that was passed in a brief vote without any examination of its contents.

The intervention of foreign embassies in Latin America to support the homosexual agenda is becoming increasingly common.

In May, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Chile began an advertising campaign in the capital city of Santiago showing homosexuals kissing and embracing with subtitles such as “if love bothers you, make yourself look,” and “homophobia and transphobia are violence.”

In addition to the aforementioned governments, the declaration was also signed by the embassies of the ultraliberal Sweden, Australia, and the Czech Republic.  The UN was represented in the declaration by the United Nations Joint Program on HIV/AIDS.

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