Two Blind Men

In the gospel today, we find Jesus healing two blind men. When we reflect on this, there are at least two images that come to mind.

The first is the image of the two blind men. Fumbling, unsure, desperate, in a hurry to catch up with Jesus. At the same time, determined and hopeful that Jesus would stop for them. How did they know that Jesus was near? They must have felt Jesus was walking in front of them and so they desperately tried to catch up with him and called out loud for help. One senses the overwhelming feeling about them, that beneath their seemingly helpless lot was their hope and trust in Jesus to heal.

The second image is that of our Lord taking time to stop and listen to them. He knew what was in their hearts and asked them if they believed he could do what they asked from him. Jesus looked at them with love, and moved with compassion, he healed them. They believed, and he made them whole.

Many times in our own lives, we find ourselves in situations similar to that of the two blind men – in darkness, despair and uncertainty. But, like the two blind men, we are invited to trust and hope in Jesus. To call out to him unceasingly because he wants to take us out of our darkness, comfort us in our difficulties and pain. He looks to us with love and compassion and wants to make us whole.

My Lord, grant me the grace to trust and hope in you whatever the circumstance of my life. Keep me close to your heart and grant me the grace to be faithful to you. Make me whole Lord and grant me the courage to proclaim your healing love.