Homily of the Day

Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Lent

In today’s Gospel, the paradox of Jesus’ life here on earth is manifested by man’s difficulty in understanding God’s way. Despite Jesus’ many miracles and his teachings, the Jews of his day were blind to the truth he spoke and the good works he did. Their understanding was prejudiced; they were not open to new ideas. They found it difficult to grasp the new ideas that Jesus wanted to convey, for instance, the ideas of love and service.

As they understood it, service was the duty of those who were servants and slaves, and showing love towards one’s fellow man was the weakling’s way.

Come to think of it, humankind’s thinking hasn’t changed despite the thousand years since Jesus died on the cross. To this day, service and love are still considered the weakling’s way of going about his business.

Even nations, wanting to show how powerful they have become, won’t give
an inch to anybody who in their perception may have equaled their power and might. They prefer to wage war and cause widespread destruction. The only effect wars have had on communities and nations is total devastation. No one wins a war. Yet history repeats itself, again and again. We never learn its lesson.


Where is love? Where is service? Are the people of this world interested in love and service? Or do we want power and control? When will we learn that power and control when not used properly will eventually destroy humankind?