TMLC to Act as Legal Counsel for “Citizens For Good Public Policy” in Gainesville, Florida

The Thomas More Law Center announced [May 9th] that it will act as legal counsel for “Citizens For Good Public Policy,” a coalition of citizens and businesses, in Gainesville, Florida, formed to enact a civil rights amendment to the City’s Charter.  The Charter amendment would prevent the addition of special categories to the City’s human rights ordinance not currently included in the State of Florida’s Civil Rights Act.  The Civil Rights amendment will prevent the addition of a multitude of bizarre special rights categories that are being pushed by radical groups with a national agenda. The Civil Rights amendment will have the effect of invalidating the “gender identity” category which creates awkward and potentially harmful situations for the citizens of Gainesville.   

Currently, the “gender identity” category in Gainesville’s anti-discrimination ordinance makes it legal for a man to patronize a woman’s bathroom in any school, business or public facility.  For example, Tampa Police arrested Robert Johnson in February 2008 for hanging out in the women’s bathroom at ‘Lifestyle Fitness’ and watching women in an undressed state.  The ‘gender identity’ category, which is unique to the City of Gainesville, would provide legal protection to a similar offender in Gainesville. 

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center stated, “The concept of ‘gender identity’ was fashioned by radical homosexual organizations and advocates to normalize and protect the bizarre sexual behavior of a few people because they feel  more like a women or man than what is their actual sex.  These radical groups have taken over city councils like Gainesville.  In practical effect, these types of ordinance end up being used to prosecute Christians who practice their faith.” 

Protection of the gender identity category applies to both public and private schools.  This means a school teacher who is prone to transvestism may dress one day as a man and the next day as a woman in front of kindergarten or school children with the full protection of the law. 

If enacted, the civil rights amendment would provide uniformity with established state and federal discrimination laws and eliminate the undue burden that special categories place on the activities and financial resources of citizens, businesses and taxpayers.

Thompson went on to say, “Without this amendment, schools and businesses are going to be sued or forced to create and build new bathrooms for these gender confused individuals.   You could have a school bathroom area or business with four bathrooms-male, female, gender identified males, and gender identified females-it’s absurd and needs to be stopped.”

The Thomas More Law Center has teamed up with the Florida Family Association and is working closely with “Citizens For Good Public Policy” chairman Cain Davis (pictured above) and the committee in their effort to collect enough signatures to get this charter amendment measure on the ballot to let the people of Gainesville decide.   The Christian Coalition of Florida is also helping the effort.

If you live in the City of Gainesville area or know someone who lives in Gainesville, we encourage you to help with this important effort to repeal that city’s “gender identity” ordinance.  Please click on the following link to download the Word document which contains the petition.  Print as many copies as you would like for family, friends, and coworkers in the Gainesville area.  Complete the petition and mail to the address listed at the bottom of the petition page.  Again, you must live in the City of Gainesville to sign the petition, so please forward this to anyone you know in the area.  Click here to forward article now.

Please click here to download the petition form.

The “Citizens For Good Public Policy” committee launched their effort on May 1st, and has only 90 days to collect over 5,000 signatures to be placed on the March 2009 ballot.

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