Homily of the Day

Thursday of the First Week of Advent

It is not a philosophy, principle, gimmick or psychology that provides the solid foundation on which we can build our life safely. Rather, it is the personal God and His Word, the Truth that provides the unshakeable basis for a safe passage through the storms of life. The Word of Jesus is the foundation of our life. We have to pay attention to what Jesus says. With his words we can do a lot. We can discuss, teach, write books, and use them for recollections and meditations. But that is not what Jesus gave as a condition for a solid foundation. We also need to act on them.

A physician studies medicine for many years but he will not be able to perform a successful operation without practice. The same holds true for our faith. It is through practice that we become deeply spiritual persons who can face the difficulties of life without resorting to superstition. The practice of the Word of God gives more security than what we’d get from lucky charms.

Perhaps we think that the season of Advent is just a preparation time for Christmas. But Advent is a new beginning of an advent that lasts as long as we live. It goes beyond December 25. Advent, therefore, becomes a new beginning in our journey towards spiritual maturity. And this can be achieved only when our spirituality is based on the rocklike foundation of practicing the Word of God.