Three Words, Cardinal Dolan: Cancel the Dinner

Jenn Giroux

According to the New York Times, “The Archdiocese of New York confirmed that both Mr. Obama and Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, had accepted an invitation to speak on Oct. 18 at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, a glittering New York Catholic charity event that has served for more than six decades as a lighthearted pit stop for presidential candidates in the weeks before national elections”.

Discovering that this was done with Cardinal Dolan’s blessing is devastating.

Joseph Zwilling, a spokesperson for the New York Diocese told LifeSiteNews:  “Cardinal Dolan and the Smith Foundation extended the invitation this year to the two of them.  It is non-partisan, it puts aside differences for a good cause to support women and their babies. It brings together people from both sides of the isle for an evening of good humor and good fellowship and civil discourse – something we need more of.”

The last scene in The Godfather comes to mind.  As a newborn baby is baptized and the words of the priest are being heard praying the sacred words of the sacrament, the viewer is visually walked through the calculated killings of each one of the mob family leaders.  The open display of hypocrisy in this intermingling of good and evil was startling and unforgettable.

President Obama’s attending a Catholic Charity to benefit women and their babies is a gross display of such hypocrisy.

I cannot quite find the words to define the outrage I am feeling.

The number of “women and their babies” that have been wounded and aborted through both surgical and chemical abortions as a result of President Obama’s policies and actions here at home and around the globe are beyond epidemic numbers.  Giving this man a platform at such a high profile Catholic event even outdoes the embarrassment of having seen him speak at Notre Dame because this is being done with the blessing of America’s highest ranking Cardinal.

Additionally, this will cause massive confusion among Catholics.  It allows President Obama to further signal that he’s just one of the guys palling around with notable Catholics that like him and like his policies.

We are standing at the most serious moral point in our nation’s history.  We have a President and his administration that have begun the persecution of Catholic institutions and employers while violating their rights to religious liberty for the first time in American history.  He supports and pushes every form of birth control and abortion both within the United States and across the world.  And he is the first President to openly endorse and advocate for same-sex marriage!!  There is no moral justification for an evening of “good humor and good fellowship” with a President or anyone who by their very actions spit into the face of Jesus Christ and His Church.

As the highest ranking Cardinal in the United States and President of the Board of the Smith Foundation, Cardinal Dolan can put a stop to this.  It is an embarrassment to him and our Catholic Church.

The ‘tradition’ of inviting the Presidential nominees to this charity dinner does not trump the morality of our nation.

Cardinal Dolan, we feel betrayed.

Please send a message to the world that the actions of this President are too egregious and immoral for a night of “good humor and good fellowship”.

Three words, Cardinal.


“Cancel the dinner.”

Your credibility in telling Catholics to resist this immoral and unconstitutional Obama birth control mandate is riding on it.


Jenn Giroux has been a Registered Nurse and pro-life activist for over 25 years. She is the founder of “Speaking of Motherhood”, an educational outreach to expose the harms of contraception and reveal the beauty of motherhood.  She is the former Executive Director of HLI America, a program of Human Life International, and she is the founder of Women Influencing the Nation (WIN), an organization dedicated to reclaiming traditional morals in our society with special emphasis on encouraging women to have more children once again in America.  A former radio talk show host with Salem Communications, Jenn has also been seen debating many political and religious issues on MSNBC, CNN, FOX, and COMCAST NEWS NETWORKS.  She and her husband, Dan, live in Cincinnati and have 9 children.

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