Three Minutes that Can Change Your Life

There are 1,440 minutes in each day.

And there are three minutes you can spend, within each of these days that will have a huge impact on your life.

Drum roll please … Three-minute meditation!

OK, so now that the suspense is over (whew), let’s take a step back.


Let me clarify – when I say, “meditation,” I do not mean “transcendental” or things like Yoga, etc. I am talking about “Christian” – Christ-centered meditation. Sometimes it is also called, “mental prayer.” But here, for simplicity, I will say, “meditation.”

Personally, I have always found it very difficult to meditate. I’m unable to quiet my mind and I become driven by distractions – meaning my own mind. And each attempt I would make at meditating would usually end in disappointment.

But finally I found something that has proven successful for me. Instead of sitting down to attempt long, dedicated periods of meditation, I decided to start small.

Three minutes small.

And it’s extremely simple: I am taking three minutes out of my busy day (Facebook, Instagram, pet videos, etc.) and I sit still and focus on my relationship with God.

I suspect I’m not the only person who finds it difficult to sit still for meditation. It doesn’t take long to start thinking of all the things you could be doing, or to feel restless like you want to get up. But I’m learning when you start small (versus not at all) with just a few minutes of meditation, you’ll soon find success.

Start Small, Gain Big

And with all success, especially with adopting new habits, it becomes easier and even more natural as you continue.

When I started this new meditation routine, even at just three minutes, my mind would wander. But I have learned to simply take note of when it’s happening, breathe deep … and mentally bring my focus back to where it should be.

And perhaps a three-minute meditation may seem too short and simple … but try it – it’s a start. And we all need a start, especially when filling our lives with goodness, and most importantly, with God.

So, if you’re going to try the three-minute mediation along with me, you may be wondering, “What should I think about when meditating?”

Some Suggestions for a Successful Meditation

The best place to start is the Gospels. This is the greatest way to learn about Jesus and to get to know Him. Perhaps you could start by reading Our Lord’s words and trying to apply them to your life.

Or perhaps you can also use a prayer book, or a picture book with images of Jesus and/or His Passion. You can think about His Holy Passion, and all the trials he suffered and the sacrifices He made for us.

Perhaps you can contemplate on the places and events that Jesus spent while on Earth, and imagine yourself as part of those events.

Perhaps you can simply place a picture of Our Lord by you, and spend time in silence with Him, being in His presence, experiencing His nearness to you.

And perhaps you can examine your life during these minutes, to consider what opportunities there are to please Him more.

Trust me – in just three minutes you will probably not only feel a bit calmer, but your soul will have benefited greatly.

And that’s just the start. As this becomes more natural, more routine … three minutes will soon become five, and five will become 10, and so on.

Trust me, no one knows this better than me. The king of distraction. The king of, “can’t sit still for a minute.”

The Immense Benefits of Meditation

But if you persevere, you will have created a small window of clarity, calm and even a oneness with God in a sea of distraction (Facebook, Instagram, pet videos, etc.). You will learn to notice when your random thoughts are pulling your attention away, urging you to think or act on something different.

Three minutes can be a big start to a habit that will benefit your life and your soul greatly.

Three minutes big.

I should also note, I have learned not to be hard on myself when my meditation doesn’t go the way I had planned. There are no good or bad experiences in meditation. There is no specific way one must feel. Meditation is simply a form of prayer in which we make a planned attempt to become aware of and reflect upon our relationship with God.

Simply place yourself in God’s presence. He is always very close, waiting for us to come to Him. And ask for His help to meditate, to keep your mind focused.

And at the end of the three minutes, thank Him for His help. And if your mind was distracted, ask Him to help you stay more focused next time.

Meditating properly will bring you closer to God. And in this busy world, full of stress, chaos and confusion, who can deny the mental and spiritual benefits of meditation.

Three minutes, my friends.

And if you don’t have three minutes to spare, you might want to relax your current schedule (Facebook, Instagram, pet videos, etc.).

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Alan Scott is a writer and graphic designer residing in Virginia. A former Agnostic, he converted to the Catholic faith in 2004. In 2014 he started his blog, and is the author of The Quest for Virtue, both which focus on growing in holiness, by attempting to live a life more simple and virtuous, a life that is lived for God. When he’s not writing or designing, you’ll find him, hands dirty, in his garden. You can find him on Facebook, too.

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