The “War on Women” Began with the “War on Words”

Everywhere we look we are seeing accusations that there is a “War on Women”.

Despite what we are being told, the “War on Women” is not some evil plan orchestrated behind closed doors by conservative male politicians and Catholic Church leaders.  In reality it is quite the opposite.   It actually began before the sexual revolution took hold in the1960’s.  It began with the “War on Words” which ushered in a time when women were stripped of their true identity and fed a steady diet of false feminism and moral relativism.  The slow process that changed America happened and evolved right before our very eyes.  The change in 50 years has been devastating.  It is only with a look backwards that we can feel the full impact and profound change that has scarred our nation.

The assault on the culture began with the gradual and successful hijacking of key words and phrases in the English language which have now become accepted and commonly used in our everyday world.  Its ability to reach so far and so fast was accomplished with the cooperation of the secular media and a complicit public school system that has turned out decades of students who do not know or understand the difference between their God-given constitutional rights and the creative inventions of those who have manipulated and twisted the true meaning of the English language.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • “Preventative services” is now the code word for free birth control.  In reality, taxpayers and employers are being asked to provide free “sexual supplements” for women.  There is nothing “preventative” about enabling young unmarried girls to have immoral sex which will lead them down a road of pregnancy, sexual objectification, and potentially deadly and sustained side effects on their health.
  • “Separation of Church and State” is a phrase originally written by Thomas Jefferson in a private letter.  This phrase has been manipulated and invoked by the high court and its distorted meaning is now frequently repeated by the media and the left in an effort to remove God from the public square.  This phrase is found nowhere in the Constitution.  The concept is nothing but a judicial creation which has been branded and exploited by courts, municipalities, and school systems to push back citizens who exercise the free expression of their religion guaranteed by the US Constitution.
  • Reproductive Rights” and “Reproductive Freedom” is a politically correct way to say “I can kill my pre-born child and you can’t stop me”.  It is the evil twin to another deceptive phrase that is frequently invoked known as a ‘right to privacy’.  This phrase, again, is a fabrication.  The words “right to privacy” also can be found nowhere in our Constitution but has been infused into it by a politically driven activist Supreme Court over the years to legalize birth control, abortion, and sodomy.
  • “Anti-Choice” is a label that is given to God-fearing citizens who believe in the sanctity of every human unborn life.

Clearly, there is a “War on Women” which has been cleverly fought and successfully executed with the “War on Words”.  We need not look far to find the numerous casualties and victims:

  • Men are completely confused by who they are and what is expected of them.
  • Marriages are struggling
  • Young people no longer date.  They ‘hook up’.  Social pressures and “new norms” have left no family untouched by the heartaches which have come from the sexual revolution.
  •  Two generations of children have been taken from their beds in the dark of morning to be left alone at day care centers and raised by daytime strangers in their most critical, formative years
  • Full-time motherhood has been desecrated…..young mothers who stay at home to raise children are made to feel inadequate if they do not have a job outside the home.
  • Millions of wounded and abused women live with the heartache and regret of abortion.
  •  50 million+ adults will take incurable herpes to their graves. Millions more suffer silently with prolonged and irritating sexually transmitted diseases.  (Before the advent of the Pill, the Center for Disease Control tells us there were 5 known sexually transmitted diseases, today there are over 30)
  •  Millions of women have been blindly ushered into the high risk group for breast cancer due to the lies of contraception and the unreported link between abortion and this deadly disease. Many are left physically scarred and emotionally depleted from this cancer which the National Institutes of Health (NIT) tells us kills more women in the United States than any cancer except lung cancer.   It is also listed as the most common cancer among young people age 15 -40.
  •  Parents mourn the children that they willingly prevented and their children long for their missing siblings. (Catholic World 2003 reveals that since the introduction of “The Pill” the average number of children in the American Catholic family has fallen from 5.5 to 2.1 children per family.)

The list extends far beyond these victims.

I am reminded of the saga of the poor frog that was placed in a pot to boil.   It is only after he has been gradually cooked and near death that he realizes that something has gone terribly wrong.  The heat had been turned up so very slowly that he didn’t even notice that he was about to be boiled.  In fact, the slow rise in temperature was so subtle that he actually even enjoyed the warmth and was completely comfortable in the mist of his impending doom.

That’s where we are as a nation and as a people today.  Subtly, and ever so slowly, we have been brought to the boiling point of confusion and immorality.   It appears that just in the nick of time God has thrown us a lifeline to awaken the sleeping giant, the Catholic Faithful.   Because of the many years of silence, and in some cases, misrepresentations about Catholic Church teaching on birth control, many Catholics have been led down a path that has left them wounded.

Now is a time for healing. 

Who would have guessed that this opportunity to unite behind Church leaders around the timeless teachings of Holy Mother Church would have come with an attack on Religious Liberty? The opportunity lies before us to stand together with them as they speak the truth.  To be sure, suffering is ahead for all of us who enter into this spiritual battle in an effort to un-do the damage.   This is all part of the need for a “New Evangelization” so often revealed to us by Blessed Pope John Paul.   We are being called upon to seize every possible moment to teach, catechize, support, encourage, love and pray America back to the truth.

 “I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.” (Isaiah 6:8)


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