The Power of Goodbye

Many times in life, we move on. And we say goodbye.

A goodbye to a lifestyle, employment, location, or even a goodbye to the people or things we have in close proximity to our lives.

And it’s definitely not always easy.

As a means in helping ourselves to maintain a strong faith, we must often learn to abandon many aspects of the world, even though we must continue to live in it.

Saying goodbye to things that are unhealthy for us

We should also strive to realize more and more that God must be the first and highest desire of our soul because God is goodness. And without a just and perfect God to lead not only us … we’re headed for trouble. And by taking a look at the world and its current list of elephantine-sized problems, it also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize – we’re already there.

And I’m not just talking about politics, world leaders and all of the social and moral issues of today. This also applies to things on a much less-grand scale.

Anything that removes God as our highest priority should be re-evaluated.

Life is full of distractions and attachments. And when you start to remove those distractions and attachments that are either unhealthy or even just excessively time-consuming, and instead give that time and focus to God and in helping your neighbor, you will naturally start to think more clearly and act more in accordance to God’s Will in all matters.

Most of life’s struggles, from frustrations to anxiety, from anger to sadness, from grief to worry, all tend to stem from the same thing …

The struggles come from being too tightly attached to something, or someone, or even ourselves, instead of being attached to God. Instead of relying on God. Not giving God the attention He deserves and demands.

And when we start to properly recognize these distractions and attachments and are able to say goodbye to them, amazing things start to happen.

Because there is power in saying “Goodbye” to what is often around us.

Goodbyes force us to start over.

Goodbyes remind us that nothing in this world lasts forever.

Goodbyes can stop us from continuing bad habits.

Goodbyes can help us to remove who or what is toxic or unhealthy from our lives.

Goodbyes can prompt us to find true meaning in our lives.

And goodbyes can often bring new hellos.

When we are ready to say goodbye to distractions, habits and even unhealthy relationships, we are ready to embrace new opportunities, new people and a deeper relationship with God.

And it’s then that many of our goodbyes will make more sense to us and we will be glad that we turned that page, moving on to new and stronger chapters in our life.

Chapters that help us so that we may better know, love and trust God.


Alan Scott is a writer and graphic designer residing in Virginia. A former Agnostic, he converted to the Catholic faith in 2004. In 2014 he started his blog, and is the author of The Quest for Virtue, both which focus on growing in holiness, by attempting to live a life more simple and virtuous, a life that is lived for God. When he’s not writing or designing, you’ll find him, hands dirty, in his garden. You can find him on Facebook, too.

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