The Pill Kills — Believe It or Not

When American Life League launched the new web site,, we fully expected to get some very interesting e-mail comments from the public. We have not been disappointed. However, buried in the rather obnoxious messages there is opportunity after opportunity to tell the truth about the pill and hopefully open some eyes to what those truth are. So I am going to use my blog space today to share with you a few of the e-mails we have received and our responses. I hope that these help you develop your own apologetics for speaking about the pill with those who for one reason or another refuse to see the facts as they are.

This is ridiculous. It is simply false that the pill kills babies. You can be against abortion on rational grounds even if I disagree with you, but saying that preventative birth control is the same as an abortion? You are just flat out lying and it’s pathetic.


Dear Jessica:

As you know from the information you read on our web site:, the birth control pill has three modes of action, one of which results changes in endometrium which reduces the likelihood of implantation. This of course means that the preborn child is not able to implant so that he can continue to grow, and he dies. This is chemical abortion.

If you check the web sites of companies that manufacture birth control pills, you will find the very same information. Here are some examples:

LoOvral: Look at Clinical Pharmacology and note the third mode of action: “Changes in endometrium (which reduces the likelihood of implantation).”

Alesse: Look at Clinical Pharmacology and note the third mode of action: “Changes in endometrium (which reduces the likelihood of implantation).”

Ortho Cyclen:  Look at Clinical Pharmacology and note the third mode of action which is the same as noted above

Jessica, the birth control pill does kill preborn children during their first week of life. Therefore the birth control pill can, and does, cause abortion.

Are you planning on imprisoning women (young, poor) for taking the pill? Seems to me if you make abortions illegal there will be a lot of pregnant women in jail. Doesn’t that seem incredibly unreasonable? I swear to fight your “league” and its judgmental/weak message till my last breath. You may not have my rights.


Dear Allison:

Thank you for your e-mail about the birth control pill. While nobody has ever proposed that women who take the pill be jailed, here is what will happen once personhood is restored to all innocent human beings including the youngest that is the human zygote. The pill will be illegal because it can kill preborn children and therefore it will simply not be available.

The idea behind our drive to restore personhood to all human beings from the moment their lives begin is not to jail anybody but simply to make all murder illegal, including abortion at any stage of a preborn child’s life. The laws should protect innocent people; the law should not protect someone else’s right to kill them.
Don’t you agree?

Thanks for your comments and have a blessed day.

Why do you continue to try and take my reproductive rights away? Why do you impose your beliefs and religion on people? You say sex out of marriage is wrong? Sure ok… perhaps. I’m a virgin so such an issue doesn’t bother me, but pressing your beliefs and forcing your opinions onto others and taking their rights to THEIR OWN BODIES … IS wrong. Hypocrites with little evidence to back up half the information.  The pill KILLS babies? Ha-ha wow…. how religion blinds people. Have a wonderful time trying to prevent something like pills that actually helps prevent abortion (the actual baby killer).


Dear Stephanie:

Thank you for your comments regarding our web site, The web site presents the facts regarding the birth control pill. Perhaps you are not aware of this, but there is nobody in America who can take someone else’s rights away … that would be in conflict with the Constitution. However, as pro-lifers we want to see human rights bestowed on every person from the moment his life begins onward, and that is why we work to end abortion – all abortion including the abortions caused by the birth control pill, the IUD and other so-called contraceptives.

Once the pro-life movement succeeds in constitutionally protecting preborn children as persons, chemicals like the pill will be outlawed specifically because they can act to kill a fellow human being.

It is our right and duty to pursue this goal as it is only just that every person at every stage of his life be given equal protection and equal rights.

The fact that the pill kills is not a religious belief, Stephanie. Look at the pill package insert for the birth control pill and you will read right there in black and white how the pill works. No religion at all; just facts as presented by the manufacturers of the pill.  Check the section entitled “Clinical Pharmacology.”

Since when is sharing facts that are based on scientific evidence a type of hypocrisy? I cannot imagine it.   

By the way, the pill is an abortive drug so how could it possibly help prevent what it can cause?

Have a great day!
These comments and our responses are just three of the many we are seeing daily. It is our hope that the existence of this web site, and the activism planned for June 7, 2008 will open eyes, minds and hearts to the truth.

In case you were not aware, June 7, 1965 was the date of the Griswold vs. Connecticut Supreme Court decision, which is where the alleged right to privacy was first fabricated. This is the decision that lifted all legal barriers to access to birth control and could well be remembered as the blackest, most deadly day in American history.

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