The Fifth Marian Dogma: The Church’s Unused Weapon


Pope Francis will be welcoming the Our Lady of Fatima statue from Portugal to the Vatican next month.  He plans to use the occasion to consecrate the world in to the Immaculate Heart of Mary—as Pope John Paul II had done in 1984 and 2000—just as the Blessed Mother had requested in her 1917 apparition to three shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal in order to foster world peace.  Indeed, with the crises in Syria and Egypt boiling and threatening to spillover to neighboring states, the looming crisis over Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program, and Russia’s growing anti-western foreign policy stance and a more assertive role in the rapidly deteriorating Middle East, Pope Frances’ consecration to Our Lady of Fatima is urgently needed.

While the Marian apparition at Fatima is widely and rightly acknowledged among Catholics for its heavenly offer of assistance to humanity, another and more recent apparition with an offer of another mighty weapon for the Church’s spiritual arsenal goes unused.  Just as the Fatima apparitions occurred at the closing stages of World War I, other and just as significant apparitions occurred at the ending of World War II in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Those apparitions had even more to say about the future of international politics than those at Fatima and were given by the Blessed Mother in some 56 appearances to a humble Dutch woman from 1945 to 1959.  The apparitions after investigation and discernment were courageously declared in 2002 by the bishop of Amsterdam, Jozef Marianus Punt, as worthy of belief.  Tragically, Bishop Punt’s declaration has been largely ignored by much of the Church hierarchy and the faithful.

The Blessed Mother in the Amsterdam apparitions called herself “The Lady of All Nations” and warned of a coming age of “degeneration, disaster, and war.”  But she offered help if Catholics would petition the Holy Father to proclaim the fifth and final Marian dogma with Mary as “advocate, mediatrix, and co-redemptrix.”  That proclamation would be the capstone of the Church’s four “dogmas” or solemnly pronounced doctrines about the Virgin Mary.  First, Mary is the Mother of God (Council of Ephesus, 431).  Second, she is a Perpetual Virgin (Lateran Council, 649).  Third, Mary was conceived without original sin, or her “Immaculate Conception” (Bl. Pius IX, 1854).  And fourth, Mary was assumed body and soul into heaven, or her “Assumption” (Pius XII, 1950).

The Lady of All Nations promised that the proclamation of the fifth and final Marian dogma would bring about a descent of the Holy Spirit in a fashion akin to the Pentecost and the founding of the Holy Catholic Church after Christ’s Ascension from earth to heaven.  To prepare the world for this mysterious new Pentecost, the Lady of All Nations asked the faithful to share the image of her apparition in Amsterdam and to daily recite a short prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now your Spirit over the earth.  Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster, and war.  May the Lady of All Nations, the Blessed Virgin Mary, be our Advocate.  Amen.

When one takes a glance at the world stage today, one sees the world in a state of degeneration, disaster, and war just as the Lady of All Nations had warned in Amsterdam decades ago.  She revealed, for example, that the world’s climate would drastically change long before anyone ever uttered the words “climate change” as we commonly do today.  Climate change is now on pace to happen 10 times faster than any change recorded in the past 65 million years, according to a team of Stanford University professors.  Meanwhile, societies are crumbling, economies are failing such as the European Union’s monetary experiment, political chaos and violence are increasing, especially in the Middle East where Syria has used chemical weapons against civilians, all of which seems to be tearing the world apart.  Social scientists have impressively harnessed information technology to graphically show the growing frequency and intensity of turmoil, protests, and violence since 1979 in the world.  All of these events conform to the warnings of those given by the Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam to prove the authenticity of the apparitions there.

With the world’s descent into political, military, economic, environmental, and societal chaos, it behooves Catholics to contemplate the fifth Marian dogma as an unused weapon in the Church’s arsenal.  The popes of Catholic Church, based on scripture and tradition, have officially taught over the course of centuries that the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, is also the Spiritual Mother of All Peoples.  Mary performs this role as spiritual mother to humanity in three basic ways: as advocate, mediatrix, and co-redemptrix.

Our Lady’s role as advocate simply confirms that this mother intercedes for our wants and needs with a maternal perseverance and power beyond that of any of the other saints.  Mary brings the needs of mankind to the throne of Christ.  She is the principal intercessor on behalf of her earthly children, and as queen, she has the greatest possible intercessory power to Jesus, the king of the kingdom of God, for humanity’s needs.  In the Old Testament, the queen mother of the king had the greatest power of intercession to her son, the king in the line of David, on behalf of the Jewish people.  In the New Testament, Mary is the new queen mother who gives birth to the “king of kings,” and is crowned as the queen and advocate in the kingdom of God to become the greatest intercessor for the people of God to Christ the King.  For this role of interceding for humanity, Mary is called the “advocate,” her most ancient title, dating back to the 2nd Century.

Mary is the mediatrix for humanity who spiritually nourishes her earthly children by dispensing the graces of salvation.  At the Wedding of Cana, Mary interceded to bring the graces of Jesus to all of humanity.  She “mediated” or interceded to bring Jesus himself, the source of all graces, into the world.  Mary too was appointed by Jesus himself at the climax of his redeeming sacrifice on the cross to become the spiritual mother of all peoples and to dispense to humanity heavenly graces when he said to Mary, “Behold, your son.”  Jesus then told John, and all those who seek to become beloved disciples of Jesus, to “behold your Mother.”  For these roles in dispensing the saving graces of Jesus to her earthly children, Mary is called the “mediatrix of all graces.”  As Bl. John Paul II explained, “mediatrix is implicit in the term, mother.”  The papal Magisterium of the last two centuries has consistently taught this Marian role as mediatrix of all graces, and Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus published this same title on 11 February 2013, the day he announced his resignation.

Some readers at first glance of the proposed fifth dogma would understandably baulk at the concept of Mary as “co-redemptrix.”  They might object that Mary was human while only her divine son Jesus could redeem humanity with his crucifixion.  But taking a deeper look at the proposed dogma, one sees that it reinforces—and does not contradict— Church beliefs and teachings.  Mary uniquely shared in the work of Jesus to redeem the human family, both by giving Jesus his body, the very instrument of redemption, and by suffering with Him at Calvary in a way unparalleled by another other creature.  For this extraordinary role with Jesus in saving souls, Mary has been called the “co-redemptrix” in the Church since the 14th century.  The prefix “co” means “with,” not “equal.”  It must be stressed that Mary is not a goddess on a level or equality with Jesus, but rather she is the unique immaculate human co-redeemer with Jesus, just as every Christian is called to be a “co-redeemer in Christ,” as Bl. John Paul II was fond of saying.

It is clear then that the recognition of the Blessed Mother as advocate, mediatrix, and co-redemptrix, has a long tradition in the Church even if it has not yet been proclaimed dogma.  Likewise, the petitioning of the Holy Father for the declaration of dogma is a Church tradition.  Petition drives for Marian dogmas are simply Catholic precedence.  They are not democratic power plays seeking to force the Pope’s hand.  Instead, petition drives are to be seen as manifestations of the sensus fidelium (the “common consensus of the faithful”) in encouraging the Holy Father to a particular course of action which the faithful discern to be for the good of the Church.

Authentic Catholic petition drives must be a request of something that conforms to the faith and moral teachings of the Church and must be submitted with an unconditional obedience to the ultimate discernment and decision of the Vicar of Christ.  The Marian dogmas of her Immaculate Conception and her Assumption, for example, were solemnly proclaimed only after a lengthy petition drive from the Catholic faithful to the Holy Father.  Before the papal definition of the Immaculate Conception by Blessed Pius IX in 1854, millions of petitions from the Catholic world were sent to the Vatican, with particular perseverance coming from Spain and its Catholic government.  In the case of the Assumption, infallibly declared by Pius XII in 1950, over 8 million petitions spanning 95 years were documented by the Holy Office in support of this Marian dogma.

History shows that graces have been poured on the Church after Marian dogmas are proclaimed.  The historic situation of the papacy and the Church was bleak, for example, just before the proclamation of the Immaculate Conception.  Pope Pius IX had been chased out of the Vatican by Masonic forces from southern Italy.  While in exile in Gaeta, two cardinals approached the beleaguered Holy Father with the remedy to this dire situation:  proclaim the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.  Pius IX acquiesced to their request and from exile wrote to the world’s bishops to state his intention to proclaim the new Marian dogma.  The dogma was proclaimed, the papacy was restored, the Vatican and Church were secured, and the Marian dogma of the Immaculate Conception was subsequently declared infallible by the Holy Father.

The proclamation of the fifth Marian dogma would satisfy God’s condition of never forcing grace upon us.  The Holy Father’s free acknowledgement and solemn announcement of Mary’s roles as advocate, mediatrix, and co-redemptrix would allow her to fully enact these motherly roles of intercession on behalf of humanity.  Since Mary’s motherly titles also are her motherly functions of grace for the Church, the more solemnly we acknowledge these motherly roles, the more powerfully she can exercise them.  If these roles were to be infallibly proclaimed by the Holy Father as the highest authority of the world, this proclamation would inextricably lead to the fullest possible release of heavenly graces through our Blessed Mother.

The proclamation of the dogma of Mary “Advocate, Mediatrix, and Co-redemptrix” by the Holy Father would enable the Mother of Jesus to shower the world with a historic outpouring of grace, redemption, and peace in a new and dynamic way—an event which Marian apparitions like Fatima refer to as the “Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”  Pope Francis has been on a blessed tirade of Marian teaching and witness starting with his very first papal act going to St. Mary Major’s Basilica in Rome to thank and honor Our Lady, to his return visit there in early Mary, and to his request to have his papacy consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima on 13 May.  The Holy Father will be wielding a powerful spiritual weapon in one hand in October when he consecrates in the world to Our Lady of Fatima.  We hope and pray that Pope Francis will soon pick up with his other hand the spiritual weapon the Lady of All Nations offered the Church in Amsterdam by proclaiming the fifth and final Marian dogma.  The Holy Father and the Holy Catholic Church will need the weapons of both Fatima and Amsterdam to combat the onslaught of evil as evidenced by the world’s heavier, intensifying, and quickening degeneration, disaster, and war.

For further relections on the Virgin Mary, see Professor Miravalle’s Meet Mary, available from Sophia Institute Press

image: Shuttershock

Dr. Mark Miravalle and Richard L Russell


Dr. Mark Miravalle is Professor of Theology and Mariology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is the author of Meet Mary: Getting To Know The Mother of God among numerous other books pertaining to Mariology. Along with his international travels, he has appeared on radio, television, and a number of conferences. Richard L. Russell, a Catholic convert, holds a Ph.D. in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia and specializes in foreign policy and international security. He is the author of three books: Sharpening Strategic Intelligence (Cambridge University Press); Weapons Proliferation and War in the Greater Middle East (Routledge); and, George F. Kennan’s Strategic Thought (Praeger).

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  • Joe

    If Jesus is our Savior,(He is) why place so much emphasis on Mary? The Bible clearly states there is one mediator between us and God, correct? Jesus said, ” I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through me” – John 14:6

  • Peter Nyikos

    Popes have been chased out of the Vatican many times. Some have been able to return, others have not. One of the greatest could not:

    “I have loved justice and hated iniquity; therefore I die in exile.”
    –Pope Gregory VII (Hildebrand)

  • Stewart


    Remember that Jesus preformed His first public miracle at the behest of His mother and remember what He said to his followers (you and me and others) about our relationship with His mother while He was on the cross.


  • Joe

    I do remember that passage. It was Jesus that performed the miracle. But your response doesn’t address my comment above?

  • Harry Flynn

    Miravalle was a bit disingenuous in this article. That prayer he said the BVM of Amsterdam gave is not the original. It had to be altered by the Vatican and that is the version we see here.
    Also, if the hierarchy has ignored it, I think it may have something to do with what I said elsewhere on this site: The authority of Punt’s statement is questionable.

  • Laura Y.

    There is only one name to which every knee shall bend and that is Jesus Christ. I honor my mother, Mary and am most thankful for her fiat and discipleship. However, I do believe her role is being overstretched. The title Mother of God encompasses it all.

  • Harry Flynn

    Joe, do you believe Baptism makes us members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ?

  • JMC

    When you’re right, you’re right. Despite the fact that Marian apparitions are a particular interest of mine, and the resultant tons of research I have done, nowhere have I seen Our Lady of Nations mentioned. I never heard of the 1945 Amsterdam apparitions until now. It would seem that there is indeed a “conspiracy of silence.”
    But I have to point out one glaring mistake in the beginning of your article. Our Lady of Fatima never asked for the consecration of the world. She asked for the very specific consecration of Russia, and not by the Pope alone. He must do this in concert with all the bishops of the world, who must perform this consecration simultaneously. They need not be assembled to do it, as far as I understand it, but they must coordinate the time zones so that all will do it at the same time.
    If Our Lady had asked only for the consecration of the world by the Pope alone, then the first consecration by Pope John Paul II would have done the job. It didn’t. Mary promised that if the consecration was done as she requested, Russia would experience a miraculous conversion, and a period of peace would be granted to the world. While many consider the collapse of the Soviet Union as that “conversion,” at the time of the Fatima apparitions, and in context of all the things Our Lady said there, the word “conversion” is to be understood to mean a conversion to the Catholic faith. That has not happened. Yes, the Soviet Union collapsed, but Russia herself is STILL COMMUNIST, with the difference that, if one can draw such a conclusion from recent stories, it seems to be leaning toward becoming an Orthodox theocracy. This is not the sort of conversion Our Lady meant. And there certainly has not been peace throughout the world at any time in history, much less now. Yes, from time to time individual nations have been at peace, but there has never been a moment when there hasn’t been some kind of conflict going on somewhere in the world. In particular, I point out all the “little” interracial battles that went on as the various nations that had once comprised the Soviet Union struggled to exist as independent nations once more. I seriously doubt that sort of thing would have happened if the consecration of the world were the one Our Lady had requested.

  • Harry Flynn

    Our Lady appeared to Sr. Lucia and told her the consecration of 1984 was accepted in heaven.
    Deal with it.

  • Joe

    I had herring for lunch yesterday. Please stay on topic to my comment…

  • JMC

    We are also told in the Bible that we are to heed everything that we are taught, whether by letter of the Apostles, or BY WORD OF MOUTH. That word of mouth is what we call Sacred Tradition. Part of that Tradition (Read “Mystical City of God” by Mary of Agreda) tells us that Mary suffered every pain of Our Savior in a mystical fashion; that is, without actually incuring the wounds of Our Lord, she felt their pain. She ASKED for this favor, so that she might offer her sufferings, as Christ offered his, in reparation for our sins. We, too, are called to make sacrifices in reparation for sins, both our own and others’, but this does not make us co-redeemers, for the simple reason that we are sinners. Mary herself was given the extraordinary gift of sinlessness. She was conceived without Original Sin and its effects. She DID have free will; at any time, she could have refused the grace God so freely showered upon her. But she never did. Not even once. And so we honor her. Even if we call her Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix, we still acknowledge that she is these things to a lesser degree than Christ Himself. It is the difference between the worship that is due to the Most Holy Trinity alone, and the veneration that we give to Mary and the saints.
    The words “Do whatever He tells you” that she spoke to the stewards at the wedding at Caanan, are words that she still speaks to us all today. When we pray for her intercession, she leads us straight back to her Divine Son. That certainly sounds like a Mediatrix to me.

  • Harry Flynn

    I am staying on topic. If you would but begin answer my question (and others following), you’ll clearly see where this is going.

  • Joe

    It was not until Pope Pius IX proclaimed this doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary on December 8, 1854. Did early Christians believe Mary was sinless?

    If Mary’s mother wasn’t without sin, wasn’t Mary born with sin and in need of a Savior, even if God so greatly used her?

  • Riki

    JMC you are so right : Why is it that the request of Consecrating “RUSSIA specifically” to the Immaculate Heart of Mary gets silenced !!! She specifically said “RUSSIA” if not communism would spread all over the world. The consecration needs to be done by the pope in UNISON with all the bishops all over the world. Communism did indeed spread all over the world. !!!!!!

  • Harry Flynn

    “Used” sounds very utilitarian.

  • Riki

    Harry, indeed the original prayer of Our Lady of all Nations (“De Vrouwe van alle volkeren-“peoples or nations”0 who once was Mary (die eens Maria was). I still pray the original prayer text as we prayed it in the 1950’s.

  • stephen ryan

    Russia was indeed consecrated in 1984, The Berlin wall came down and now today we have Putin with his crucifix, and the Russia military naming nuclear subs after Russian saints,,, The period of peace? The EU, with its blue flag and a “crown of twelve stars” (BVM) just got the Noble prize for peace.. We are either at the end of the period or at the beginning,..I say we are at the end. Lastly at Medjugorje Our Lady said in 1981 “Russia will come to glorify God the most”.. while the west will turn from God.
    At Medjugorje it has been said “medjugorje is the continuation and fulfillment of Fatima….Read it all here in the new book “The Madonna Files”

  • Joe

    I see you don’t care to have meaningful dialogue….

  • Teresa Davis

    Maybe you can quote the original prayer that was given, not the vatican edited one?

  • Teresa Davis

    PS.. There’s been no peace to date..if this has been peace, Id hate to see those who say it is version of actual war. Sr Lucia was bound to silence and had to obey her superiors. IF the conditions had been met, Mary still wouldnt be appearing today? And we’d all be enjoying this current abundance of global peace? Think about it, if all these corrupt men (church officials) were worried about loosing their jobs with benies, would they truthfully execute a global prayer that would have also ended their chenanigans? Probably not. The church has engaged in so many theaters of politics, some in opposing positions to their own doctrines, that true peace would spell an end to their positions of power. That is not of God. Francis appears to care not for any of these things, may actually do what was asked, unedited, and do the world a great favor. The church as we see it now may very well be leveled, then rebuilt in a more genuine represent better a loving body of humanity, a true global unity, a true goodness for all mankind? I encourage the Pope to go for it, and to invite Putin to the ceremony, with the Russian Patriarch..I doubt seriously they would disagree or decline.

  • JLM

    Understanding that God could have saved humanity in any other way, we know and God has revealed that He chose to save humanity this way, sending his Son through a woman, Mary, and in His plan Mary had to freely choose to cooperate with Him. God placed so much emphasis on Mary’s “yes” — in fact, His plan depended on it , and even before Jesus became incarnate in Mary, God had already preserved her from sin based on the merits of the Son she was to bear if she said yes to His plan — why then should we not place the proper emphasis on Mary that God places?

  • Stewart


    My point in response to your words are that first, God the Father placed such emphasis on Mary and that Jesus the Son accepted that emphasis and did what she wanted him to do.

    And on the cross he told you and me to place emphasis on His mother as also our (John, you, me and all) mother.


  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    The one thing I can’t get over is how the Popes who were in charge of revealing the Third Secret of Fatima dared to disobeyed Heaven and the Mother of God.

    The Third Secret was to be revealed no later than 1960 and the need of Consecration of Russia by the Pope in unison with the Bishops of all over the world NEVER took place in spite of the Vatican saying the contrary.

    Simply put the exact formula given to the Pope by the QUEEN OF HEAVEN was never followed.

    Please take a moment to review the History of the requests of Our Blessed Lady given to Sister Lucia regarding the Consacration of Russia:

    The consecration of Russia was reportedly requested by the Virgin Mary, in a series of Marian apparitions known as Our Lady of Fátima, to three visionaries in 1917. It was also reported in further apparitions in 1925 in Pontevedra, Spain to a single remaining Fatima visionary. The Fátima visionaries stated that the Virgin Mary promised:

    “But in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father (and the remaining bishops) will consecrate Russia to Me. Russia will be converted and a period of peace will be given to mankind.”

    In 1925 the Fátima visionary Lúcia Santos reported further Marian apparitions (known as the Pontevedra apparitions) and stated that the Virgin Mary of Fátima appeared to her again:[2]

    “… It was Our Lady of Fátima… with a crown of thorns… and said to me: “The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father in union with all the Bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.””

    Lúcia Santos stated that at Pontevedra the Virgin Mary revealed to her Mary’s Peace Plan consisting of three elements:[3]

    Praying the Rosary and wearing the Brown Scapular, the Rosary and the Scapular being inseparable.

    Acts of Reparation for sins against God and the Immaculate Heart of Mary through First Saturdays devotion.

    A public ceremony in which the Pope and the Catholic bishops consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Towards the end of December 1940, Lúcia Santos sent a letter to Pope Pius XII, disclosing for the first time part of the secret about Russia and urging him to consecrate Russia.”

    Now I ask how is it that the whole Catholic Church meaning all of us, didn’t demand an answer from Popes on why they have been so obstinate, indifferent but WORST OF ALL disobedient to the request of the QUEEN OF HEAVEN.

    Disobeying Heaven’s requests has brought serious problems to the Church, and it is obvious there have been consequences.
    Surely I believe that consecrating the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a wonderful decision by Francis, but we must not forget that Our Lady at Fatima specifically requested RUSSIA TO BE CONCECRATED TO HER IMMACULATE HEART BY THE POPE IN UNISION WITH THE BISHOPS OF THE WHOLE WORLD.
    We as Catholics must ask how much longer before the Pope obeys Heaven as he should.

  • Harry Flynn

    In disobedience to the Holy See?

  • Harry Flynn

    Sayeth the man who won’t answer my question and accuses me of a red herring.

  • Joe

    Why aren’t you truthful? My question was first, which you did not address. You are the one who diverted from my comment.

    I will leave you and others with this to ponder: Of all the prophecies of the coming Messiah, were they about Jesus or Mary? All of the countless persecuted martyrs that continues to this day, did they die for believing in Jesus or Mary?

    Nothing but the Blood of Jesus, who paid the price in full… Amen!

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    The one thing I can’t get over is how the Popes who were in charge of revealing the Third Secret of Fatima dared to disobeyed Heaven and the Mother of God.

    The Third Secret was to be revealed no later than 1960 and the need of Consecration of Russia by the Pope in unison with the Bishops from all over the world NEVER took place in spite of the Vatican saying the contrary.

    Simply put the exact formula given to the Pope by the QUEEN OF HEAVEN was never followed.

    Please take a moment to review the History of the requests of Our Blessed Lady given to Sister Lucia regarding the Consacration of Russia:

    The consecration of Russia was reportedly requested by the Virgin Mary, in a series of Marian apparitions known as Our Lady of Fátima, to three visionaries in 1917. It was also reported in further apparitions in 1925 in Pontevedra, Spain to a single remaining Fatima visionary. The Fátima visionaries stated that the Virgin Mary promised:

    “But in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father (and the remaining bishops) will consecrate Russia to Me. Russia will be converted and a period of peace will be given to mankind.”

    In 1925 the Fátima visionary Lúcia Santos reported further Marian apparitions (known as the Pontevedra apparitions) and stated that the Virgin Mary of Fátima appeared to her again:[2]

    “… It was Our Lady of Fátima… with a crown of thorns… and said to me: “The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father in union with all the Bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.””

    Lúcia Santos stated that at Pontevedra the Virgin Mary revealed to her Mary’s Peace Plan consisting of three elements:[3]

    Praying the Rosary and wearing the Brown Scapular, the Rosary and the Scapular being inseparable.

    Acts of Reparation for sins against God and the Immaculate Heart of Mary through First Saturdays devotion.

    A public ceremony in which the Pope and the Catholic bishops consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Towards the end of December 1940, Lúcia Santos sent a letter to Pope Pius XII, disclosing for the first time part of the secret about Russia and urging him to consecrate Russia.”

    Now I ask how is it that the whole Catholic Church meaning all of us, didn’t demand an answer from Popes on why they have been so obstinate, indifferent but WORST OF ALL disobedient to the request of the QUEEN OF HEAVEN.

    Disobeying Heaven’s requests has brought serious problems to the Church, and it is obvious there have been consequences.
    Surely I believe that consecrating the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a wonderful decision by Francis, but we must not forget that Our Lady at Fatima specifically requested RUSSIA TO BE CONCECRATED TO HER IMMACULATE HEART BY THE POPE IN UNISION WITH THE BISHOPS OF THE WHOLE WORLD.

    We as Catholics must ask how much longer before the Pope obeys Heaven as he should.

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    FIFTH DOGMA: Mary “Advocate, Mediatrix, and Co-redemptrix”
    I await that blessed day with my whole heart, nothing would make me happier.

  • Lee

    I wonder why our parish priests are not advised by our Bishops, etc. to be presenting these most important things to us verbally or in letter form if it is still a question of true importance. I have not heard or read anywhere that Russia has been consecrated, nor has Pope Francis made any reference to this actual fact. Why hasn’t this been done. It’s not like these request of our Mother Mary at Fatima are too old to bother with.After all, Sister Lucia was with us until her death in 2005, during our own life time!! We would enjoy some peace, what is the argument. Coming together as people, who believe, is not hard when we pray the Rosary. It has saved believers before. Where do we sign up to petition for a true consecration of Russia? It would seem most appropriate to accomplish this at the same time of the proclamation of the fifth and final Marion dogma.

  • Robert Bbb

    “. . . So if Eve disobeyed God, yet Mary was persuaded to be obedient to God. In
    this way, the Virgin Mary might become the advocate of the virgin Eve. And thus,
    as the human race fell into bondage to death by means of a virgin, so it is
    rescued by a virgin. Virginal disobedience has been balanced in the opposite
    scale by virginal obedience. For in the same way, the sin of the first created
    man received amendment by the correction of the First-Begotten” [Irenaeus of Lyons, Adversus Haereses; A.D. 189 ]

  • SteveL

    The Fifth Marian Dogma is sorely needed in our time. I believe Heaven desires it and it will be a source of abundant graces upon this world and the Church. It will take courage to proclaim this dogma by the Holy father, since theological illiterates of Protestant and Catholic persuasion will howl about it’s supposed “over the mark” connotations. The truth will win out.. I hope it is sooner then later.

  • The thought that Sr. Lucia was ordered to lie explicitly – she confirmed, after all, that the consecrations had taken place – and that her superiors all the way up to Popes John Paul II and Benedict ordered her to lie, is abhorrent, and represent the weak point of the hyper-Fatimists.

    Furthermore, although inviting Putin and the Russian Patriarch (sic) is a good idea, they won’t come to approve what they’ll see as an unilateral act of Petrine Supremacy. It is naive to expect their attendance and concurrence.

    I say define the dogmas, but let’s do it together with the Orthodox Church, not solely by ourselves simply because we can.

  • I agree with almost all say here, I mean, basically the whole thing – except for timing.

    I agree because it was the late Archbishop of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Luis Cardinal Aponte Martínez, who Pope (E) Benedict placed in charge of this effort. The charismatic leadership of “my cardinal” energized me in favor of this cause which up to that moment I saw with skepticism.

    The one thing is that I don’t want this dogmatic definition to be the solitary action of the Bishop of Rome. I want this definition made by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches together. Before that takes place, there’s some necessary homework and reconciliation yet to be done.

  • Maggie

    The Blessed Mother specifically requested that Russia be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, along with all the bishops of the world. She did not say to consecrate the ‘world.’ Not that that isn’t a great idea. However, one should certainly be obedient to the Mother of God first, and then do any additions.

  • Robert Bbb

    Before she died, little Jacinta revealed about Our Lady at Fatima, “….Ask them to plead for Peace from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the Lord has confided the Peace of the world to her. “

  • Robert Bbb

    “that true peace would spell an end to their(church officials) positions of power.”
    Wrong. An era of True Peace would include those in church authority, not saying that all of them would be in favor, but many would. Also, an era of True Peace would bring many back to the Church, back to the sacraments and Church teachings. Someone has to officiate those services to the people, guess who would do that ? The clergy and church officials. So they are important part of the Church.

  • Joe

    Quite alarming that people would be voting down your comment… You are correct in saying her role is being overstretched.

  • Suzy

    Joe, I recommend you take your questions to and all your concerns can be addressed there. You can search on whatever topic you like and you will get very knowledgeable and biblical answers.

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    The following facts illustrate the Dogma that are not
    declared on Earth, but are recognized in Heaven.

    Mary is the Mother of Jesus.

    As the Mother of Jesus, Mary was given to all men to be
    their mother when Jesus was on the cross.

    At the same time; we were given to Mary as Her sons and
    Daughters (the 3rd commandment applies here, people, due to this).

    Mary has used Her position to intercede for others to Her Son.
    She does the same for us.

    As our Intercessor, She is mediating for us to Her Son.

    This makes Her mediator and because of the mediation also
    our advocate.

    A mother always suffers in a unique way when a child is hurt
    or killed. Mary is no different.

    Mary did also offer Her suffering to God in Union with the
    Suffering of Jesus for all souls, making her Co-redemptrix. Only Mary can be
    such as God had previously dressed Her with abundant graces, which are never exhausted.
    The Most Blessed mother was given the task of dispensing the graces of the Holy
    Spirit. If you need proof, look at the Miraculous Medal and those apparitions
    to see it.

    The Fifth Marian Dogma is the tool to unblock hearts of stone
    in mankind, to open our eyes spiritually, and allow an outpouring of Graces
    upon the world, to ensure mankind has the ability to choose God over self in
    this final test.

    Remember the easiest way to Christ’s heart is His mother. The more we honor Her, the more we Honor Him.

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    Correction the 4th commandment applies. not the third.

  • Guest

    God preserved Her from Sin.
    Think of it this way. If God did not preserve her from Sin then once God became incarnate, Mary’s Body would have destroyed itself in the shame of sin. So in order for the word to be born, Mary was needed to be sinless, which also assists us as we then have an extremely powerful intercessor( read advocate/Mediatrix) in Heave that Jesus is bound by the 4th commandment still, to honor.
    Remember Jesus said He did not come to destroy the law. and as a human he is bound by the 10 commandments. Even now.

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    God preserved Her from Sin.
    Think of it this way. If God did not preserve her from sin then once God became incarnate, Mary’s body would have destroyed itself in the shame of sin. So in order for the Word to be born, Mary was needed to be sinless, which also assists us as we then have an extremely powerful intercessor( read advocate/Mediatrix) in Heaven that Jesus is bound by the 4th commandment, still, to honor.
    Remember Jesus said He did not come to destroy the law. and as a human he is bound by the 10 commandments. Even now.

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    Jesus is the Messiah and Mary is His mother. and for the record one was about Mary.
    It stated that He would be born of a virgin…. in Isiah

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    Sr. Lucia never said she was ordered to lie, but she did say that those who thought they knew of more secrets of Fatima should tell them because she did not know any others.

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    Is God Merciful? Do you think God, who can raise up sons of Abraham form stones, could have mercy and accept the consecration of the World, of which Russia is a part, as fulfillment of the Heavenly request.
    Most people do not know this, but Pope (saint, in my opinion)JP2 stated that a nuclear war was averted in 1985 because of this consecration.

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    Good point. one note: Eve did not have original sin also. Maybe this is why the blessed Mother has no sin other than the reason stated in an above comment.

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    Already done and accepted by Heaven.
    But The pope was not directed to open the secret by an order of Heaven. Sr. Lucia said the Pope would be able to fully understand the contents after 1960.

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    Then why is that request not being asked for in Medjugorje?

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    How is it disobedience sine the apparition and messages are church approved?

  • Oops_I_Prayed

    What is all this talk on dogmas and scripture? It’s as though theres an either/or goinig on between scripture and what God is telling us!
    I suggest you don’t make the same mistake the Jews did back in the time of Jesus. Many argued and focused on the past, missed their present and lost their future becuase of their limited human thinking. Many didn’t listen to God in their time…
    I find it interesting before Mary appeared Angels tended to be great deliverers of God’s messages. Since the death of Mary she has actively appeared century after century presenting divine messages from our loving God. Where are the angels since then? Have you noticed? Or do you just consider angels to be an old fad and out dated. It’s clear Mary is now the great messenger, don’t miss out! How has her role supersceded what Jesus is or has done?
    God is speaking in our time. Don’t miss out, you might miss your future due to arguments on old scriptures and dogmas. I see human thinking and fear driving people. Pray, listen, and observe. God is speaking today. Much is happening. The future depends upon what you do today. What Mary and Jesus has to say today is everything and is divine.

  • Joe

    Our sins are forgiven through Jesus Christ. We are reconciled to the Father though Jesus Christ. We have direct access to Jesus. We do not need a ‘mediator’ for access to Jesus. We are blameless because of His finished work on the cross, not through any work of ours. Grace is a free gift and cannot be earned.

    He would’ve commanded this, but He commanded us to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. And love our neighbor as ourself.

    We are not to add or take away… Peace

  • toTelltheTruth1123


    No one is forcing anyone to accept the Blessed mother as she is in Her God given role. IT is sad people deny her role, but we who do not are in fact better off for Her intercession. It is only in Jesus you MUST believe that as you say salvation is found, no one is denying this.

    You said Grace is a free gift and cannot be earned and I agree, but it MUST be asked for and Mary is the person God is at present using to dispense the Graces of God to us.

    Does not matter what we Humans think. only the truth matters.

    I understand you are not Catholic, but trying to tell us that we are wrong is not he correct way to go.

    As Pope Francis stated, We must focus on love.

    I add to that we must also not focus on what devides us as that is judgement and no one can judge but God.

  • D.M.H.

    We can never have too many superlatives for our Mother! Whatever we say of her glorifies the Father whose special Daughter she is, the Son, whose unparallelled Mother she is, and the Holy Spirit whose Spotless Bride she is!
    Oh, Holy Trinity, one God, You who have exaulted this little handmaiden of Yours because of her total gift of self in her “Fiat”, for accepting the sword of sorrow, we glorify You in the gift of this Mother in whom Your glory shines. AMen

  • D.M.H.

    Genesis 3:15 God says to the serpent:”I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her seed…” Enmity could not have existed if for even one moment the woman had been under his control, in other words, in sin. Nor could enmity have existed between her seed, Jesus, if his mother had been under the control of the serpent, in other words, in sin. If Mary had ever been touched by sin, Christ’s integrity would have been in question from the very beginning
    In Luke l:47 Mary says: “My spirit rejoices in God, my Savior.” Mary, in her humility, calls God, her savior. Because God is her savior just as he is ours. But that salvation came in a different way. God has not years, hours, minutes, seconds. Christ’s sacrifice came in our time for us. We have a hard time understanding timelessness. Christ’s sacrifice is eternal. So the merits of that redempion were applied to Mary before she was ever conceived in her mother’s womb by the favor of God.
    Its like this. I fell into the pit of sin and was rescued by Jesus. I say, “Thank you, God, for saving me.” God took Mary by the arm and walked her around the pit of sin. Mary says, “Thak you, God, for saving me.” We are both grateful for our salvation!

  • Harry Flynn

    Other than the fact that Medjugorje is a fraud?

  • Harry Flynn

    As I said elsewhere on this site, the “approval” of Amsterdam was questioned, openly, by Bishop Charles Scicluna of the CDF. That makes me wonder too!

  • Riki

    because it was asked LOUD AND CLEAR in Fatima and if after almost 100 years they still didn’t do it well why should they if it was asked for in Medjugorje !!!

  • Brennan

    Hi Lee, you can sign the petition asking Pope Francis to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as Our Lady requested here:

    God bless you.

  • Riki

    Laura never forget that Jesus’ first official miracle changing water into wine was done because His Mother pleaded for the cause that they were out of wine, she was the Mediatrix, the Advocate in this matter and Jesus did it to honor His Mother.

  • Riki


    Oh Thou,
    most beautiful a woman
    most tender of all mothers
    most brilliant STAR of DAVID
    Masterpiece of God’s creation
    to the Holy Trinity
    most precious Pearl
    towards your Son the Golden Bridge
    Golden Gate
    to the Holy City
    thru which our Savior
    came and comes
    Most sacred Vessel
    containing the most Holy
    My soul,
    is drowning
    in the beauty of your eyes
    in the sweetness of your smile
    in the burning oven of your heart
    in the greatness of your littleness
    in the eloquence of your silence
    in the mystery of your simplicity
    Oh Thou,
    safest of my earthly havens
    dearest hiding-place of mine
    truly my refuge
    my sweetest, sweetest mother
    keep me with your Son Divine
    save me from the wordly evils
    strengthen my so fragile faith
    cover me
    with your motherly mantle
    Oh Mary, you most gentle
    Your child I am FOREVER !!!

    Rita B.
    August 10 1999 Feast of Saint Lawrence

  • Riki

    JMC, well written I can’t agree more. She was specially created to be the THEOTOKOS, God created her “Immaculate” for a reason, She’s the “LIGHT” (Jesus) BEARER if she was not without sin the LIGHT would be obscured.

  • Riki

    … she confirmed, after all, that the consecrations had taken place :

    did you hear her say this Teofilo with your own ears ??? After working many years as a translator interpreter at “an atomic center” I don’t believe anything anymore what the biggies of this world say or make us believe.

  • Your previous qualifications notwithstanding, you can choose to believe or disbelieve whatever you wish. I choose to be faithful to the Successor of Peter and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. I’m ready to face the consequences of my choice. Are you?

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    If it was not fulfilled the Blessed Mother would have repeated it since it was so important as Fatima said.

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    Please tell how so?

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    The competence is for the local bishop to approve or reject the apparitions unless the Vatican removes that authority as occurred at Medjugorje. The Bishop in question never used his office to officially reject the apparition, so the approval stands. The Church would be the first to reject as they are very stringent.

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    The devil must be ROFL for all of the infighting we do about things that do not matter in our Salvation.

  • Riki

    Fatima, Hope of the world, Apocalyptic Vision

    O Woman, clothed with the sun

    the moon under Your feet
    You, in Whom Salvation begun
    O Mary, Mary name so sweet

    O heart so full of smarts
    come defeat our self-conceits
    renew our ungrateful hearts
    O Gateway that to Jesus leads

    O dearest Mother, Virgin pure
    upon your children blessings shower
    against the devil most effective cure
    O come to annihilate satan’s power

    O sing with us a whole new song
    of Unity and Godly Peace
    Awaiting your Triumph all along
    O help us fulfill the Heavenly pleas.

    Rita Biesemans, at Fatima on May 13 1987

  • Dave Hahn

    Just as Mary had asked? I thought Mary asked to have Russia consecrated not the world. That wouldn’t be just as Mary asked would it?

  • Riki

    The Ship of Peter is torn apart
    Martyred in its Holy Teaching
    It sinks and sinks, no work of art
    The bottom though never reaching

    Dissidents are screaming loud
    Leaving behind an awful niff
    Pretending to be proudly stout
    Gearing the Ship into a cliff

    Jesus shows His wounded Heart
    Smitten with a deadly dart
    Peter the Rock in desolation
    Deploring severe desecration

    Wake up, you Christian Brother
    Show now your truthful face
    With Mary our Heavenly Mother
    We’ll reach that Peaceful Place

    In allegiance to the Holy Father
    United in prayer and fasting
    No victory will claim, but rather
    Satan’s defeat be everlasting.

    Rita Biesemans, 01-02-2011

  • Riki

    Being a Catholic Jew I wrote this :


    O Mary, Daughter of Zion
    Mother of Judah’s Lion
    bring us, children of Your Tribe,
    to Your Son, God’s Divine Scribe

    Though being the chosen people
    we act as dumbed down sheeple
    if we keep rejecting Him
    our future looks extremely grim

    Some of us accepted the Messiah
    after prompts by Jeremiah
    but most descendants of Judea
    live as in the times of Hosea

    O Virgin of Israel
    bring the ones seduced by Samael
    to Jeshuah Savior and Son of God
    even “ceaselessly” us do prod.

    Rita Biesemans, July 16 2013
    Our Lady of the Mount Carmel lead us up the Mountain

  • Adrian Johnson

    The Orthodox do not believe the Roman dogma of the Immaculate Conception, which they consider heretical; nor in papal infallibility. At the present time therefore, it is not possible to define the 5th Marian dogma jointly with the Western Church, which must needs do it without the Orthodox. ( IMHO the grace would come afterward to effect the end of the Great Schism, and the beginning of worldwide Christian unity: one fold, one shepherd. )

  • Tom Venditti

    She told them here that she was the former Mary

  • I didn’t say it was going to be easy. 😉

    I’ll hope and pray for the great miracle so that it can be followed by an even greater one.


  • Very pretty. Too bad you’re hiding behind poetry to make a point in error.


  • FatimaToday

    What is wrong with the “learned of the Catholic faith” Our Lady of Fatima did NOT ask for the consecration of the “WORLD” to her Immaculate Heart, she asked specifically for the consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculate Heart and then would come Peace in the World. Dr. Miravalle knows better! That is why we do not have peace yet.

  • Peter Nyikos

    The Orthodox Churches have rejected both the dogma of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption. One cannot expect them to accept the idea of co-redemptrix either.

    You are quite right in saying there is necessary homework and reconciliation yet to be done.

  • Peter Nyikos

    My favorite book on Mary is _Mary: A Catholic and Evangelical Debate_. It features a very civil, mature dialogue between Fr. Dwight Longnecker and his Evangelical friend David Gustafson, frequently representing opposite viewpoints on various features of Marian theology and devotion.

    Chapter 11 goes deeply into the concepts of “advocate,” “mediatrix” and “co-redemptrix”, with Gustavson objecting especially to the first title as misleading, and finally saying that if a minimalist interpretation of it is adopted, Christians should have no trouble with it. That is the interpretation Dr. Miravalle gives also.

    That said, let me add that I’ve often thought that the Church makes bad PR for itself by going out of its way to use provocative titles for ideas that are really quite modest. We’ve seen in the September 20 Catholic Exchange article, “Francis on God’s Mercy to Atheists: Nothing New But Still Refreshing,” by Robert Hutchinson, how Father Feeny was led astray by the words of the Catholic dogma, “Outside the Church there is no salvation” and was excommunicated for it.

  • Joe Corea

    Yeah. I thought St. Lucia said it was accepted.

  • Riki

    Teofilo (friend of God) I’m not hiding behind poetry, I write poetry coming right from my heart and soul. Be blessed friend of God.

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    Look, I have read enough on the subject and I have also heard many of the interviews Father Malachi Martin gave in regards to Fatima and many other issues in the Church and the world and I agree with him, the Popes disobeyed Heaven.

    Sure a consecration was done but it was NOT the Consecration as asked by our Lady.

    “Sister Lucy had already announced as much in December 1940, writing down the essential part of Our Lady’s Secret for the benefit of Pope Pius XII.4 She repeated it the day after the incomplete consecration of October 31, 1942. No, she said at that time, the conversion of Russia is not for now, implying that instead of promises, the chastisements predicted would continue to fall upon humanity. She said it over again in February 1946, summarizing in one sentence the true meaning of the war and post-war events, according to the Fatima message. She explained to Father Jongen:

    «I think that now Our Lady’s words are being fulfilled: “If this is not done (she had just recalled ‘the exact request’ of the Blessed Virgin), Russia will spread her errors throughout the world”.»5

    Four months later, in her interview with William Thomas Walsh, she insisted again. The American writer reports:

    «Sister Lucy said more than once, and with deliberate emphasis: “What Our Lady wants is that the Pope and all the bishops in the world shall consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart on one special day. If this is done, She will convert Russia and there will be peace. If it is not done, the errors of Russia will spread through every country in the world.” “Does this mean, in your opinion, that every country, without exception, will be overcome by Communism?” “Yes.” It was plain that she felt that Our Lady’s wishes had not yet been carried out.»6

    In effect, this poignant drama revealed to us by Fatima is that this frightful war and its disastrous conclusion could have been avoided… Through a miracle of mercy, God was ready to spare humanity these things, if the Sovereign Pontiff had been willing to firmly commit the entire Church to the fulfilment of His Most Holy Mother’s humble requests.

    Here we must make a brief flashback to underline how docile trust in Our Lady’s prophetic message and filial obedience to her requests would have been the supernatural light the Pope needed to discern right away the grave perils threatening the Church. It would have been a miraculous means of salvation to obtain from the divine mercy the grace of preserving Christendom from these dangers through the all-powerful mediation of the Immaculate Virgin.

    We recall that after Pope Pius XI’s first refusal in 1931, chastisement had struck Catholic Spain. After his second refusal in 1937, Europe had foolishly hurled itself into a world war. And the blood-red glow that turned the night sky a deep purple on January 25-26, 1938 had been the tragic sign of the imminent catastrophe. In September 1939, the war was officially declared.”

    AND NOW HERE you can find the interview of Fr. Malachi Martin talking about it:

    Malachi Martin The Storm Breaks part 2/5

    And by the way I, like many others don’t buy the version of the Third Secret given to us in 2000 by the Vatican, and neither do I believe JPII was the pope of the vision given to the children at Fatima. I think JPII was very arrogant by appropriating himself of the Secret of Fatima and claiming himself to be that Pope who was shot described in the Vision the children at Fatima.

  • Ted

    To my brothers and sisters in Christ,
    I do believe there have been many wise and truthful statements made regarding the role of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary “Mother of God”. In order not to contradict each other we always have the church thank God and her teachings regarding the true role of the Most Blessed Mother. What the Catholic Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church has to say should be enough for us! Mary is far beyond our understanding as her faithfulness to the Most Blessed Trinity is at a level of faithfulness hitherto unknown. Yes tremendous spiritual works like the “Mystical City of God” by Venerable Mary of Agreda do shed tremendous light on the matter but still one realizes how little we can comprehend since there has been no other human that has so mirrored the image of Jesus in life and beyond. Mary is yes only human but has been raised to such a level in Heaven that even in the next life noone will fully understand her relationship to the Most Blessed Trinity. We should all simply follow the lead of Mother church in honoring Mary and praying to her for her incredible intercession with her son on our behalf. Yours in JMJ, Ted

  • Laura Y.

    Dear brothers and sisters, it is painful to hear the arguing which is veering towards personal attacks. We can have meaningful discussions without labeling. Let us put on the spirit of Christ during our conversation. The role Mary plays in salvation history is unique and profound and I pray every day to have her faith. Scripture tells us very little about her, but what it does say is telling. It tells us of her fiat and magnificat. It tells us of Cana, it tells us that she was at the foot of the Cross. It also tells us that she came to Jesus with other members of the family to implore him to stop speaking to the crowds as he was. She too is a created human being and a disciple, the first disciple of Jesus and we have much to learn from her. I think it is wrong to knock those who do not see the validity of the 5th Marian Doctrine. The Church has always been very cautious about proclaiming such dogma and validating apparitions and rightfully so. Even well-meaning people can be misled. Caution. Prayer. Faith. Jesus. I do not see the reason and it has not been thus far articulated why the Church needs this doctrine. I understand that many words have been used, but I do not understand and it may be that I cannot hear. Our Lord Jesus Christ while dying on the Cross said that “It is finished.” What more do we need? I just do not understand. The only thing we can be certain of is Jesus Christ and his Church – in particular Baptism, the Eucharist, and the other sacraments. We have The Creed. These Truths cannot be shaken. I do think that we can get away from our rock solid foundation by focusing on the apparitions and see how they are causing division amongst brethren! Each and every one of us must be very careful to guard against deception. None of us is exempt, no matter how much we pray, read the Bible, practice devotions or receive Eucharist. Our Church teaches that belief in apparitions is not necessary for the faith and rightfully so – they are open to interpretation and manipulation. They are not the bedrock of the faith and hence we all need to proceed with caution. Mind you, I am not disparaging apparitions nor saying that they are all deceptive. I am just urging caution and for those who do not believe in them, let us not disparage them for again, it is not a requirement nor is it a sin nor or a slight against the Blessed Mother.

  • Peter Nyikos

    There are a number of reasons to reserve our judgment on the reported apparitions until the Vatican has thoroughly investigated them. First, that is the way it is properly done according to the norms of the church. Second, the article said that the bishop made a “courageous” decision to pronounce these apparitions “worthy of belief”. Why should it take special courage to do such a thing, if the evidence warrants it?

    Third, there is the large number of such apparitions, about four times as many as the number at Lourdes, more than eight times as many as at Fatima; and there were even fewer at Guadalupe. What was the point of there being so many of them?

    Fourth, each of the apparitions I have named were accompanied by signs and wonders of a public nature. Yes, the ones to Catherine Laboure, which have also been held “worthy of belief” by the Vatican were also private, but the request of Mary was much more modest than the grandiose request Mary is said to have made to this Dutch woman: only that a medal be struck and promulgated bearing her image and a number of words and symbols.

  • Who is driving this train?

    So I guess our priest’s mother should now be called the co-priest. My doctor’s mother the co-doctor. My attorney’s mother the co-attorney. Maybe my priest’s mother could come and sit in the sanctuary with the priest and every May we could crown her too. After all the priest in personam Christi, guess the co-priest could act in personam Mariam.

  • Riki

    Conchita of Garabandal: “When communism comes again everything will happen.”
    This excerpt is taken from the German book by Albrecht Weber, Garabandal—Der Zeigefinger Gottes (Garabandal—The Finger of God):
    Conchita told the author in 1965 when everything would be set in motion:
    “When communism comes again everything will happen.”
    The author responded: “What do you mean by comes again?”
    “Yes, when it newly comes again,” she replied.
    “Does that mean that communism will go away before that?”
    “I don’t know,” she said in reply, “the Blessed Virgin simply said ‘when communism comes again’.”

    If it was true that RUSSIA was consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart why would She say that Communism comes again !!!

  • Riki

    MEDJUGORJE September 8 1984

    Medjugorje precious place
    chosen as fountain of Grace
    herald of the Word Divine
    strong and healing Warning Sign

    You gather us, God’s littlest kids
    satan’s temptations Heaven forbids
    the toilsome voyage so worth the price
    you show us the way back to Paradise

    Dearest Mother, Fountain of Peace
    prayer and fasting need to increase
    as a Mother Your Son thee sent
    to prompt us our life to amend

    Sweet Mother, I love you so much
    I beg You, just let me go Dutch
    I’ll defend Your Honor with zeal
    You crushing satan with Your heel

    I dread the day that You will leave
    us poor wailing children of Eve
    I beg of You to keep us close
    O You Threefold Mystical Rose

    The world hates who belongs to God
    and treats them as a lightning rod
    but the Victory is ours, already won
    upon achieving a judgment of ippon

    Medjugorje “between two mountains”
    you teach us there are no “bargains”
    in this life it’s either God or the devil
    either God’s Silence or satan’s revel.

    Rita Biesemans September 8 1984

  • Riki


    O Mary, your bitter tears
    my heart do pierce
    Our Mother is crying
    Her Son is dying
    to save us humanity
    from complete insanity.
    At the foot of the Cross
    for words I feel at a loss
    our sins are causing You distress
    I’m begging You for forgiveness
    I offer You my fears and mishap
    crawling on Your Mother’s lap
    O my Jesus, I need You, I need You
    satan plans coup after coup
    to destroy me, hoping I’d revolt
    he scares me like a thunderbolt
    but while walking in Your footstep
    on satan’s knuckles I will rap
    enough, enough, I do tell him
    the cup is stored unto the brim.
    Kneeling at His cross’s foot
    Jesus tells me to stay put
    “Let My Graces thee overflow
    My Cross gave satan the final blow”
    I love you so much My child
    and while dying He even smiled.
    Thank You, Mary for this gift,
    and by this my soul did lift.

    Rita Biesemans, Good Friday 3/29/2013

  • BillinJax

    I only have this to say in regards to religious elevation of our Blessed Mother.

    The one and only genetic connection where in the Lord God
    clearly reveled His personal involvement with humanity came as his most unique
    act of mercy and love for us through and with the willful consent of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    As a human this made her spiritually unique, giving her life
    for Christ she was the Alpha of all Christians, no other creature on earth
    either before or after the Redemption could possibly exceed those qualifications
    for personal attachment to the Divine.

  • Maria

    Glad that the efforts for the proclamation of this Dogma are still ongoing .
    Just that , there might need to be a correction in how The Church is moved to proclaim the Dogmas ; the troubles faced by Pope Pious 1X might have been needed , in one sense , to set the right stage for the proclamation of this needed Dogma , mystery and effects of which we still probably are only recognising minimally and hopefully , would continue to see better .
    Mary , being concieved without sin is the effcet of God having chosen a certain people , the Jewish people , to bring forth a holy couple, who could be worthy enough to do so ! Bl.Emmerich beautifully narrates the events around her conception , which was a step back, into the prefall days !
    Thus, invoking her as ‘concieved without sin’ might be also a prayer of generational healing ; the exciting phase in Catholic spirituality is the focus on generational healing , where in repentance on behalf of past generations is emphasised ; this might be as powerful as the discovery of the mice/rats as the cause of plagues , which was found out from the episode , in O.T ., of the Ark being captured by the Philistines !
    Mary as Mother of all would be inviting her more into all lives , thus a worthy effort too !

  • El_Tigre_Loco

    You need to read about ‘the woman’ in Revelations.

  • El_Tigre_Loco

    “Honor thy mother and father.” When your Son is God, you can’t even conceive of the honors He will bestow on you. Mary could not have sin since Jesus’ body came from her, that would mean Jesus had sin in Him, an obvious impossibility. Remember the Jewish soldier who touched the Ark of the Covenant and instantly died.

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    Thanks for the link.

  • Dan Lynch

    Dan Lynch

    Jesus King of All Nations asks
    those who embrace His Dedvotion to consecrate themselves to His mother under
    her title as “Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace.” His Servant recorded Jesus’ words:

    beloved little daughter, your Lord and God comes to you to give you a message
    of great importance. I desire that the souls who embrace My devotion to ‘Jesus
    King of All Nations,’ make a special consecration to My Most Holy Mother under
    her title of ‘Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace,’ which it has pleased Me in My
    Great Love for her to give her. People MUST acknowledge her indispensable role
    as the Mediatrix, the Channel, of all of My Grace to mankind. Only when this
    dogma is officially proclaimed by My Church will I truly establish My Reign on
    earth.” (Journal 239).
    Click here to make this Consecration:

    In Christ,

    Dan Lynch

  • eleni_aus

    A few questions: Surely it is not up to one bishop to decide what is authoritative or not for the Church or all believers – to make so much of this woman’s visions is in fact NOT traditionalist at all, rather it seeks to usurp the power of the Pope by dictating to him what he should accept rather than leaving it to the Pope and relevant appointees / Council ./ CDF to decide what to accept or reject …. But have now read elsewhere that after years of no both from the Bishop of Haarlem and the CDF, it became yes with a slight amendment to the prayer (2002 / 2005)… Does the dc refer only to the pray/image or does it actually give credence to the visions of Ida Peerdeman? Has the devotion been approved for local use only? Would not it be better to cite the CDF document than ‘one Dutch bishop’? Also one Pope may consecrate a country (for example, Russia or Australia etc) to Mary – it need not be done by every successive Pope.

  • eleni_aus

    I just read the 2002 declaration by Bishop Punt and while he quotes then CDF head Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Emeritus), it is NOT the Pope or the CDF that appears to have ‘approved the apparitions’.

  • eleni_aus
  • eleni_aus

    Am saddened that the circle of prayer website spreads the old prayer with the forbidden phrase – perhaps you could speak to them – it is an Irish site.

  • eleni_aus

    In regard to orthodoxy – the cautions contained in the Canadian Bishop’s document needs to be read – see Doctrinal Note of the Catholic Bishops of Canada concerning the Army of Mary received the recognitio of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 10 August 2001 (Prot. N. 216/74-13501), and was subsequently published by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, 15 August 2001.

  • Riki

    what “forbidden phrase ?'” is it : “who once was Mary” ? what is wrong about this ? She once was and is Mary the Mother of Jesus the Mother of the Messiah, of God, but Jesus gave Her to all of us as Mother, as the Mother of all peoples from whatever Nation, that’s the new role He gave Her before He died. And what else does a mother do than being the Advocate of her children, the mediatrix while offering her sufferings and pains redemptively connected with Jesus’ sufferings.

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    Watch this on Youtube: For Catholics Only – Malachi Martin – Reveals Satan’s Greatest Triumph.

  • toTelltheTruth1123

    Malachi Martin was excommunicated. I for one choose to listen tot he magisterium of the Church.

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    Where are you getting your information? No wonder you only type NONSENSE.

    Read it will do you some good:
    On Malachi Martin
    Laicization dispute[edit]

    In 2004, Father Vincent O’Keefe S.J., former Vicar General of the Society of Jesus and a past President of Fordham University, stated that Martin had never been laicized. O’Keefe stated that Martin had been released as a religious from all his vows—poverty and obedience—save the vow of chastity.[47] Martin no longer was a Jesuit but remained a (secular) priest during the rest of his life.

    It is claimed that attacks were mounted on Martin in retaliation for his book The Jesuits, which is hostile to the Jesuit order of which he had formerly been a member.[47] In the book, he accuses the Jesuits of deviating from their original character and mission by embracing Liberation Theology.[50]

    I pity you.

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    A letter written by Father Malachi Martin addressing the attacks from critics prior to his death

    I am sending you these few lines as my commentary on the abuse and calumnies flung in my direction by certain members of our Roman Catholic Church. Many of my friends and well-wishers have urged me to respond to the abusers and the calumniators; and remember that this abuse and calumnious attack has been going on for over thirty-three years! That is a long time; and I have become a veteran of such oppression, so much so that in a certain sense I know much better than any of my friends and well-wishers how to deal with this sustained harsh treatment.

    The basic lesson I have learnt over those thirty-three years is: not allow myself be diverted from fulfilling my mission as a priest and a servant of the Holy See of Peter. This means not merely refusing to pick up the stones thrown at me and returning them on the heads of my abusers. It means principally that I fulfill my duties as a priest—celebrate daily Mass, recite my breviary, fulfill my pastoral obligations to those under my care. It means that I never allow the distortions—doctrinal and other—of these very zealous abusers and calumniators to enter into my optic or cloud my angle of vision. It means, of course, praying for their spiritual welfare—and also that the Holy Spirit grant them some measure of understanding. For understanding is chiefly what lacks to them.

    Well over twenty-five years ago, I wrote to my Superior in Rome complaining about a recrudescence of these attacks, and suggesting a certain course of action. He wrote back quoting that passage of John’s Gospel where Christ warns His disciples that the time would come when they would be ostracized and persecuted by people who would do that to them and think they were doing God’s will. “Can’t you suffer, too, for Christ’s sake?” This was my Superior’s answer.

    Besides all that, all these years have taught me a few central lessons; you have to have undergone it all to be able to appreciate the principal lesson. Which is: abusers and calumniators are not out to get the truth, to build up, to edify. Their bent is to destroy, to liquidate. Hence, no matter what information you give them, they will not desist; they will use it to further their distrustful ambition. Hence, I found that there was no point in even trying to communicate with them; anything they learned became merely grist for their grindstones of hate.

    A second valuable lesson I learned was this: they don’t really matter in the kingdom of God and in the daily warfare between Christ and Lucifer. There are too many Confessions to be heard, too many Masses to be said, too many souls seeking and needing spiritual direction, too many confused priests to be enlightened, too many aberrant bishops to be corralled back into the fold of Christ, too many holydays in honor of Angels and Saints, too many exorcisms of the possessed and the obsessed, too many of the faithful dying and needing Extreme Unction, too many children needing Confirmation—in a word, too many needy ones for any priest to hesitate for one moment and to tarry over the spewings and spittings coming from the unclean mouths, the jealous souls and the erroneous pens of pigmy men who fancy themselves upon a solid rock and who crave to ascend to fame and vanity over the dead bodies and soiled reputations of their victims.

    I have always let such people know that I personally have no difficulty in waiting for the final showdown in the presence of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus, as the Just Judge of the living and the dead.

    In sum, I have no time to wait—there’s too much work to be done. I know that many of my friends and well-wishers now and again answer some of my attackers. I generally discourage any sustained effort in that direction; the reason? Nothing will ever change the minds of these people—nothing except the grace of God. As I said, I am most willing to wait for God to change their minds. In the meantime, I have far too much to do. I can’t afford to waste time on them.


  • Shawn

    You catholics are nuts!! Mary can’t do anything for you at all… Including advocate! Only Christ can do that!

  • Riki

    POR TI
    Rita Biesemans, el primer de Julio 2002

  • Riki






































    Rita Biesemans, el primer de Julio 2002