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The Bible’s Dark Passages with Dr. Mark Giszczak

Today on the CE Podcast, Michael is back and talking with CE author and professor Dr. Mark Giszczak of the Augustine Institute about the “dark passages” of Scripture and how we can interpret them. Whether it’s the passages about punishment in the Old Testament, such as the story of Abraham and Issac, or any of the strange and sometimes confusing parts of the Bible, we often wonder, “Why does God do this but is also a God of love?” We try to begin to answer that very question. Mark also gives reasons why we as Catholic should read the Old Testament and how it can greatly enhance our spiritual life as well as Mark’s latest book, Light on the Dark Passages of Scripture.


Mark writes every Friday on Catholic Exchange.

Mark’s latest book, Light on the Dark Passages of Scripture, is available for pre-order from Amazon and Our Sunday Visitor.

Dr. Giszczak has recently launches a YouTube channel, Bible Broccoli, where he talks about reading the Scriptures.

You can find Mark’s other writings over at his blog, Catholic Bible Student.

As well, Mark runs his own podcast “Over the Counter” that you can find on itunes or on his site.

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