In case you’ve somehow missed all the hype over the past few years, December 21, 2012 marks the last day of the 13th b’ak’tun according to the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. And since the Mayans believed the previous world ended after 13 b’ak’tuns, that naturally means our current world is supposed to expire in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the Mayans didn’t leave us any clues as to how this cataclysm is supposed to take place, so we’ll just have to use our imaginations. But however it happens, I sure hope it’s something strange and unusual rather than just the typical rogue asteroid or nuclear disaster we’ve seen ad nauseum in countless Hollywood productions. No, if the Earth is actually to be destroyed rather than being saved in the final reel, I think it should be in a way that’s really weird, perhaps something similar to the doomsdays portrayed in these movies…

Robot Monster


Robot Monster was only the third movie ever reviewed here at the B-Movie Catechism (hard to believe I’ve been allowed to get away with this for almost six years now), and even way back then I took note of the completely loopy finale in which the eeevil Ro-Man destroys all life on Earth with a machine that emits soap bubbles and sparklers.

Quiet Earth, The


In this artsy undertaking, well meaning scientists attempt to create a world-wide energy grid, but like the dumb careless dolts movie scientists always are, they instead screw up the laws of physics and erase everyone off the planet.

Pulse (2001)

PULSE (2001)

While porn may be the number one problem on the Internet, right behind it has to be the legion of lonely ghosts

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