Supreme Court has Committed “Treason” Against Mexico: Cardinal

Guadalajara’s Cardinal Archbishop Juan Sandoval Íñiguez says that Mexico’s Supreme Court has committed “treason” against Mexico for approving  the killing of the unborn, and homosexual “marriage” and adoption of children as “constitutional.”

Writing in the diocesan newspaper El Semanario, Sandoval Íñiguez states that “there was already a most serious error in having validated, from that level of the judicial power that is the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, the supposed ‘marriage’ between people of the same sex, a true attack against human nature.”

“And now,” Sandoval continued, “it is adding another error by having approved the adoption of infants by those homosexual couples, by which it has consummated, to say it a certain way, its treason against Mexico, the family, and the natural law.”

Sandoval reinforced his statements in a speech given at the close of the Archdiocese’s Third Matrimonial Crusade. Using the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as a model, the cardinal noted that “the world says something else, the fashions that come and go in this moment, everywhere, free love, express divorce, contraception, abortion, and similar things.”

Regarding complaints filed against Sandoval Íñiguez by the socialist mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, a spokesman for the cardinal told reporters that the cardinal will not retract his accusations made against Ebrard of having “fed” the justices of the Supreme Court to secure approval for his policies.

In an interview with the Cronica de Hoy newspaper, Archdiocesan spokesman Antonio Gutiérrez said that the cardinal would not retract his accusation, and that his attorneys have asked that “while they study the lawsuit we keep quiet so as not to ruin anything and so that they can respond better legally.” The Archdiocese has previously stated that the cardinal has proof to back up his claim.

Ebrard has called the cardinal a “liar” and despite his repeated actions against Catholic teaching, said this weekend that he regarded himself as a member of the Church.  He added that if he were excommunicated over his lawsuits that he would appeal to the Holy See.

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