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Buying/Selling a Home or Commercial Property?

At no cost, you can help our ProLife work! Catholic Exchange

For example, when a $150,000 home closes Catholic Exchange will receive approximately $1,000, just because you called to support us–at no additional cost to you!

You must contact Real Estate for Life first.

Spanning North America and worldwide, their network of agents is experienced and has a proven track record.

In addition, these agents are committed to upholding the sanctity of life!

Not in the market?

Ways to promote this Ministry include:

Telling friends, placing flyers in local churches, and posting on any social media communication network.

Please pass this on.

God Bless,

Harold Fickett

for Catholic Exchange and the Sanctity of Life

For more information contact Real Estate for Life 1-877-543-3781 or

Or, for answers to all your questions, you can visit our special  website:

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  • Olrmary

    This program even works in Ireland. On the eve of the Feast day of Saint Patrick,

    Mary O’Brien

  • Eileen2196

    I like it. Using agents that support LIFE and help fund prolife activities.
    Eileen T.T.