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St. Wulfram

Although we do not have a record of  Wulfram’s birth, it is thought that he died on March 20, 704.  Wulfram’s father, Fulbert, was an officer in King Dagobert’s army and was able to provide a good education for Wulfram.  As a young man, Wulfram was very devout and strove to live a holy life.  He became a priest and his intention was to live a monastic life, but he was called to the Court of Theodoric III of Neustria.

In the year 682 he was consecrated Archbishop of Sens.  For two years, he carried out his duties with zeal and great piety.  In his compassion and concern for those who did not know Christ, he decided to leave his bishopric to go minister to them.  After a brief retreat in Fontenelle, Wulfram, now a poor missionary priest, went to a place called Friseland.  He knew there to be many idolaters in this area and he wanted to lead them all to Christ.  He baptized many, delivering them from their terrible pagan ways which included human sacrifice.

In one incident, a man named Ovon was to be sacrificed and was hanged.  Wulfram pleaded for the man’s life and finally the pagans agreed that if Ovon lived that he would be released and could worship Wulfram’s God and be Wulfram’s slave.  Wulfram then went to an area alone to pray.  Ovon had been hanging for two hours and was considered dead, however, the rope suddenly broke and he fell to the ground.  He was alive and the pagans released him to Wulfram.

A son of King Radbod, seeing a miracle performed by Wulfram, decided to become a Christian and was instructed along with other catechumens.  Just prior to being baptized, he asked where his deceased ancestors might be in the next world.  When Wulfram replied that idolaters were consigned to hell, the prince changed his mind about being a Christian stating that he would rather spend the hereafter with those he loved.  Later he had second thoughts and sent for St. Willebrord, to discuss a conversion to Christianity but before Willebrord could arrive, the prince died.

Wulfram retired to the Abbey of Fontenelle where he resided until his death.


Saint Wulfram’s relics were moved to Notre Dame at Abbeville in 1058. His feast day is celebrated on March 20.


Lord Jesus, we ask for the intercession of Saint Wulfram when we are dealing with those who are spiritually blind. Help us, Lord, to be good witnesses to the idol worshipers we encounter; those who prefer to store up worldly treasures with no thought or care about their eternal souls. May our words and deeds help convert their hearts. Amen.

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image: Martinevans123/Wikimedia Commons