Today's Saint

St. Robert of Newminster (Abbot)

Saint Robert of Newminster, an exemplary figure in the 12th century, remains a profound inspiration for the Catholic faithful. Born in Gargrave, England, around 1100, Robert grew up with a deep religious inclination. After completing his studies in Paris, he returned to England and was ordained a priest.

Eager to live a life of greater devotion, Robert joined the Benedictine Abbey of Whitby. However, he soon felt called to a more austere monastic life. In 1132, he became one of the founders of Fountains Abbey, a Cistercian monastery. Despite initial hardships, including a harsh winter and scarcity of food, Robert’s leadership and faith helped the community thrive.

In 1138, Robert was appointed the first abbot of Newminster Abbey in Northumberland. Under his guidance, the abbey flourished both spiritually and materially. His dedication to prayer, simplicity, and community life was evident in every aspect of the abbey’s operations. Moreover, Robert was known for his deep compassion and generosity, often providing for the poor and needy.


  • Lesson 1: Perseverance in Faith: Despite facing numerous challenges, Robert’s unwavering commitment to his monastic calling demonstrates the importance of perseverance in our spiritual journeys. His example encourages us to remain steadfast in our faith, even when confronted with difficulties.
  • Lesson 2: Leadership through Service: Robert’s leadership style was marked by humility and service. He led by example, dedicating himself to the well-being of his community and those in need. This teaches us that true leadership involves serving others selflessly and prioritizing the common good.


O blessed Saint Robert, who dedicated your life to God through prayer, service, and leadership, guide us to follow your example of unwavering faith and humility. Help us to persevere in our spiritual journeys and to serve others with compassion and love. Through your intercession, may we grow closer to Christ and live out our faith with courage and dedication. Amen.

photo via Wikimedia Commons