Today's Saint

St. Pacificus of San Severino

Pacificus Bruni never really got to know his parents, Antonio and Mariangela, both of whom died when he was three years old. He was born in 1653 in Severino and was raised by his uncle from age three until seventeen, when he decided to join the Franciscans.

He excelled in his studies and was ordained a priest when he was 25 years old. Pacificus became a professor of philosophy. He taught novices in his order and he gave parish missions.

When Pacificus (whose name means “peace”) was only 39 years old his health began to fail, so he had to spend his final 29 years of life lame, deaf, and blind. He therefore led a contemplative life filled with prayer, and — like St. Joseph of Cupertino — he received ecstacies. Pacificus also became known as a miracle worker.

He died on September 24, 1721, and was beatified 65 years later. Pope Gregory IX canonized him in 1839 and his feast day is September 24.

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