Today's Saint

St. Fulbert of Chartres

Fulbert was born in France around the year 962. He attended school in Reims and was taught by the famous Gerbert, who became Pope Sylvester II in the year 999. Fulbert followed Pope Sylvester to Rome. When Pope Sylvester II died in 1003, Fulbert returned to France where he started a school at Chartres. This school was the most famous seat of education in France. Scholars from all over France, Italy, Germany, and England attended school there. Fulbert became chancellor of the church of Chartres and was the treasurer of St. Hilary’s at Poitiers. Later he was elected bishop of Chartres and he rebuilt the cathedral when it burned down. He had the assistance of King Canute of England, Duke William of Aquitaine and other European leaders in rebuilding the cathedral in great splendor.

Fulbert had a great deal of influence over the secular leaders of his day and was very active in fighting simony within the Church. He worked hard at reforming the clergy and was very much against the practice of granting ecclesiastical benefits to laymen. Fulbert died on April 10, 1029.


Saint Fulbert’s epistles are of great historical value. The epistles give information on the liturgy during his time and the discipline of the Church in that century. Two treatises are in the form of homilies. Five of his nine sermons are on the blessed Mother, to whom he had great devotion.


Lord Jesus, we pray that St. Fulbert will intercede for our clergy when they need strengthening to make the right decisions. May they always stay true to Church teachings and to You, we pray.  Amen.

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