Today's Saint

St. Thorfinn

The fascinating thing about Thorfinn, a Norwegian bishop who died in 1285 in a Cistercian monastery near Bruges, is that he reminds us that it is not nearly as important for others to see us being holy as it is for God to see us being holy.

Bishop Thorfinn died in obscurity. There were no great stories about him. His sanctity was discovered by accident, so to speak. During some excavations at his burial site, it was found that his remains gave off a fragrant odor. This fact, along with a remarkably well-preserved ode on the site that had been written by a Cistercian monk who had been fond of the good bishop, was enough to arouse curiosity among locals. Miracles followed.

So, while the details of St. Thorfinn’s life are nearly unknown to us, they are obviously well-known to the Lord, and He’s pleased!