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The Spirituality of Waiting with Jeannie Ewing

The Spirituality of Waiting with Jeannie Ewing

While the world seems to always be moving at full speed, many of us often have quiet moments of waiting. Whether it’s in our car or on a train on its way to work, the grocery store line, or even on a walk, we are often confronted with quiet moments that we tend to fill with more noise. But there’s also a spirituality of waiting that allows us to use these moments to grow in love, faith, and to learn about ourselves and what God might be calling us to.

Today on the CE Podcast, Michael is joined by author Jeannie Ewing to discuss the spirituality of waiting and how we can be more proactive in these moments. Jeannie brings a lot of wisdom and experience, especially about those extended times of waiting where we are asked to exercise more patience. If you want to know how you can turn passive waiting into an active moment of prayer and reflection, today’s episode is require listening.

Resources We Discussed

Jeannie Ewing is a frequent contributor to Catholic Exchange and you can read her articles here. Her latest book, Waiting with Purposeis available through En Route Books and Media. Also, check out her website, Love Alone Creates, and you can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out Jeannie’s past appearances on the CE Podcast, Moving From Grief to Grace and Grief, Grace, and Lent with Kids.

Books we discussed in the podcast include:

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