Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

In one of my past posts I mentioned that my wife and I had a youth group. Both my son and daughter were in the group. We started the group when they were in the 5th or 6th grade until they were almost out of high school. We had a lot of good times, both the kids and us. We used to get together Sunday evenings, read something out of the bible, and try to apply it to our everyday lives. We would sit in a circle and take turns reading, and when we were done reading the parable or story in the bible, I would try to tell the kids a story about my life that related to the story we read in the bible.

So one Sunday before the study started, I told the kids that after our study we were going barbeque hot dogs. So we got in our little circle and started to read the scripture for that days study. After we finished reading, I told the kids something about my life to relate to the scripture. I finished sharing my story with the kids, and I asked them what they thought the story was about, and what it meant to them, and how it related to them, and the scripture we read. I had a few kids raise their hands and give some good thoughts on the day’s lesson. It always felt good when the kids participated in the class. The kids gave their thoughts on what we read.

I asked the kids if there were any more thoughts they might want to share, and a little girl named Sara raised her hand, that little girl just happened to be my daughter. Everyone got quiet because she has always been kind of quiet.   I was excited.  Quiet little Sara was going to say something, she was going to share her thoughts with the group, something profound, I just knew she was. I said, yes Sara? What would like to share?

She pause a second, then said; “What time are you going to put the hot dogs on the grill?

That was it, class was over, the whole class couldn’t stop laughing. It was a great day!

God Bless


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