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Share Marian Devotions With Your Children (Fr. Edward Looney & Anthony DeStefano)

The Catholic Exchange Podcast is honored to welcome back long-time contributor and author Fr. Edward Looney as our guest host. In today’s episode, Fr. Edward Looney interview’s author Anthony DeStefano about his latest illustrated book, Our Lady’s Wardrobe. Mr. DeStefano is the author of A Travel Guide to Heaven, The Grumpy Old Ox, and is a frequent television host.

  • Why parents should feel encouraged to pass Marian devotion down to their children.
  • The reasons for why Mary has so many different titles.
  • Which Marian devotions children and youth tend towards.
  • How Our Lady of Lourdes affirms God’s love for us.
  • The power of art and illustrations of Our Lady, especially at a young age.

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Fr. Edward Looney’s articles can be found on Catholic Exchange, and you can find our previous interview with him at this link. Fr. Looney is also the author of the best-selling books, A Lenten Journey with Mother MaryA Heart Like Mary’s, Meditations after Holy Communion, and A Rosary Litany.