Senate Rejects Amendment Prohibiting Funding to Forced-Abortion-Tied UNFPA

An amendment introduced by Sen. Roger Wicker to the omnibus spending bill earlier this week, seeking to prohibit the UNFPA from receiving U.S. funding, was defeated today in a 55-39 vote.

Wicker’s amendment would have restored to its full force the Kemp-Kasten anti-coercion population control provision to the bill. First implemented in 1985, the Kemp-Kasten provision directs the government to ensure that no U.S. taxpayer dollars go to organizations that support or participate in the management of forced sterilization and forced abortion programs.

Language was inserted into the current spending bill, however, that gives an exemption from the Kemp-Kasten provision to the UNFPA, allowing them to receive U.S. taxpayer dollars while continuing their complicity in China’s human rights offenses.

Passing the amendment would effectively have stopped $50 million in the omnibus bill from going to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an organization that has been shown to be involved in the implementation of China’s one-child policy, which includes coercive abortion and sterilization practices.

"The United States must side with the women and children that have been victimized by China’s one-child policy," Wicker said earlier this week in introducing the amendment.

"My amendment will do just that.  By restoring the Kemp-Kasten provision that Democratic leaders have gutted in this bill, we can ensure that UNFPA is not assisting in coercive abortions in China with the help of U.S. taxpayer dollars."

Watch Sen. Wicker’s floor speech introducing his amendment:

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  • tomdundee

    Good Afternoon,

    Change! Isn’t it wonderful.

    It is not like we didn’t know what change to expect. We were promised a new way of doing business in Washington. At least he didn’t lie about that.

    Hope! Isn’t it wonderful?

    We hoped for change and we got it.

    Politics of Meaning! Isn’t it wonderful?

    What would you expect from anyone who take take the NOW & NARAL endorsement away from Hillary Clinton? I expected this if Obama was to be elected. I am not the most astute person on the web, yet I expected this. I am surprized that he waited so long to implement his promises to NOW & NARAL.

    If forced sterilization & forced abortion are change for the rest of the world, how long before they are implemented here? George Bernard Shaw & the Socialists of his day advocated the techniques of modern medicine applied to Darwin’s philosophy.

    I could say “God Help Us”?; but I doubt he is interested in any such adventures that the US is embarking on under Obama.

    Remember, abortion is a constitutional right in Communist China. Remember, Libs & Socialist low Communist (Socialist) China. The Commies make sure that every woman gets the full protection of the Commie Constitution is she decides to have another child.

    Thank you,