Schlafly: Women’s Studies Programs Chock Full of ‘Feminist Propaganda’

by Allie Martin

A pro-family leader says Women's Studies courses at most American colleges and universities are a fraud and very misleading to young females.

In her latest book, Feminist Fantasies, best-selling author and conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly attempts to refute Women's Studies and other examples of what she calls “feminist nonsense and double standards.” She says such courses are not about women, but rather feminist studies with a strong dose of lesbianism.

The president of Eagle Forum contends the courses also violate academic freedom by placing unfair requirements on the students.

“There was one professor who for years refused to allow a man to take her course,” Schlafly says. “And some of them [demand that students] comport with the feminist ideology in order to get a grade or in order to speak up in class. Feminists in general are highly intolerant of contrary points of view.”

Schlafly shares that during a recent speaking engagement at Tulane University, she asked a professor of Women's Studies what non-feminist books are used in the courses &#0151 to which the professor replied: “None.”

“That shows you that they are not giving a fair picture of women, of marriage, of motherhood, and of traditional values in their Women's Studies courses,” she says. “It is absolutely feminist propaganda.”

Schlafly also has noticed that those who graduate with a major or minor in Women's Studies find it very difficult to get a job, unless they desire to work for a radical feminist organization.

She believes its important to warn young university students about the intolerance they will face from instructors and professors, and encourage them to join conservative support groups.

(This article courtesy of Agape Press.)

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