Today's Saint

St. Julian, Martyr

Julian was born in Anazarbus, Cilicia (modern Turkey) sometime in the third century. During the persecution of Christians, he was arrested. His judge, seeing his strong tolerance and bravery against all types of torture, decided to prolong his torment. Every day he was brought out in front of the tribunal and each day he had to suffer a different type of persecution. He was dragged throughout the roadways for all to see, this only proved that he was truly a man of God. Those who witnessed his peace and fortitude were impressed, in this way he was given the opportunity to witness for Christ.

His torturers scourged him, tore his flesh, burned him and used every form of torture on him. Finally, seeing that nothing they had done caused him to deny his faith, they came to a decision. He was condemned to death, but his death sentence surpassed all the former cruelties. He was sewn up in a sack with scorpions, serpents, and vipers and thrown into the sea. This was the Roman punishment for parricides (those who killed their own parents or close relatives); however, this was not even usually carried out on even those. Julian’s martyrdom took place on March 16.


The sack was retrieved and the remains of Julian were sent to Alexandria of Cilicia and then to Antioch. St. Chrysostom gave a eulogy before a shrine that holds the relics of St. Julian.


We pray today, Father, not only for the persecuted but also for those who persecute others. For all who walk in darkness and do not have the love of Christ within, we pray for their enlightenment and salvation. Amen.

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image: The icon of Julian of Tarsus from St. Sophia Cathedral of Tsarskoye Selo by Ντμίτρι, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons