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Rethinking How We Approach the New Evangelization | Jason Shanks of Our Sunday Visitor

It can sometimes feel like nothing works when it comes to getting more souls into the Church. But, despite the seemingly never-ending bad news about the current state of the Holy Catholic Church, there remains great moments of hope that

Michael talks with Jason Shanks of the OSV Institute about OSV Talks and our approach to evangelizing our neighbors and, ultimately, our culture. We have a short but direct conversation about how we have (or haven’t) approached the New Evangelization and what apostolates can do to bring more souls to the Church. 

OSV Talks brings together many of the creative Catholic leaders to discuss how we can learn from our past to address our current crisis. Whether it’s seeing the inspiration to evangelize in the work of Bruce Lee or the relevance of religious freedom, OSV Talks presents ideas to spark discussion to support and inspire creative, orthodox ideas on how we can fill our pews again.

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Check out OSVTalks.com to stream several talks for free and where you can sign up for future episodes. Also check out the OSV Challenge if you are inspired to further the work of evangelizing our world.

Jason Shanks is President of OSV Institute, the philanthropic arm of OSV and one of the oldest Catholic grant-making foundations in the United States. Recognizing the need for a catalyst in innovation and creativity in the Catholic Church, OSV Institute has initiated an “innovation ecosystem” that advances the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a new generation using methods that make a difference and spark a renewal. The main components of this revolutionary ecosystem include the OSV Innovation Challenge (which launched in 2020) and OSV Innovation Talks.