Pulp Catholicism 001

February will mark the beginning of my 7th year here at the B-Movie Catechism (I guess you can get away with anything on the Internet these days), and up until now, I haven’t really felt compelled to subject anyone to my somewhat dubious drawing skills. Well, your luck has finally run out. Since as of late my son has been pushing me to pick up my pens again, I thought why not go ahead and make everybody suffer for it? So from now on, every Wednesday (within reason), I plan on giving you all a glimpse into some of the oddball ideas that bounce around my fevered brain during my religious studies. Now as the above panel shows, Pulp Catholicism isn’t necessarily going to be all movie related like the rest of the site, but I think the general weirdness of the exercise will fit in fine here anyway. (Besides, the thought of trying to start a new website just to have some place to post my doodles makes me tired.) I hope some of you out there enjoy these. I’m a little rusty, though, so go easy on me.

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