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In my previous commentary, I noted the hate directed at Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, by pro-choice liberals. They were set off by Ryan’s touching comments about his daughter Janna. Ryan recalled the moment he first saw Janna in an ultrasound image in his wife’s womb. She was as small as a bean, and they nicknamed her “Bean.” I noted the response of liberal Democrats in a series of tweets.

“I wish they would have aborted ‘Bean,’” said one tweet, from someone named Colby.

“If my father called me ‘Bean,’ I would wish I had been aborted,” said a man named Darren.

“Bean is also the nickname of my aborted fetus,” added a woman who calls herself “Cool Pervert!”

Also chiming in was “Tim,” who hoped the Ryans’ daughter will get raped and pregnant at age 13.

As vile as these were, they’re hardly anything new. has shared some other recent examples from pro-choice liberals:

In San Francisco, in a breathtaking image that needs to be seen to be believed, abortion advocates defaced a billboard of a black father holding his newborn under the words “A Father’s Joy!” and the verse from Matthew, “And whoever receives one such child in My name receives me.” These self-anointed apostles of diversity and tolerance scratched out those words and scribbled “A Mother’s CHOICE!” and “Kill the shrimp.” Where the billboard said “Pro-Life Across America,” they instead wrote “Pro-VAGINA Across America.”

In another example, a school-bus driver in Wisconsin told a student whose parents had a Romney-Ryan sign in their yard that his parents should have aborted him.

Another telling case was the immediate reaction to Cardinal Dolan’s remarkable pro-life benediction at the Democratic convention. Liberals launched into F-word-laden tirades directed at Dolan.

All of this begs the question: What has possessed the heart and soul of these pro-choice progressives, who claim to be so open-minded and loving? Why are they so full of hate? What is it about the Gospel of Life that fills them with such rage?

For Catholic Exchange dot com and Ave Maria Radio, I’m Paul Kengor.

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Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values. His books include “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism” and “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century.”

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