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Praying the Contemplative Rosary | An Interview with Dan Burke

The Rosary is one of the most salient features of Catholic spirituality, beloved by many for countless generations. However, convert and cradle Catholics alike have found this practice to be daunting and some may not even know how to begin to pray the Rosary.

Whether you’re new to the sweet prayers of the Rosary or want to know how you can bring your spiritual life to a new level, today’s podcast will introduce you to the Contemplative Rosary. Michael is delighted to welcome Dan Burke of the Avila Foundation and SpiritualDirection.com to talk about how you can use the practices of St. Teresa of Avila and Pope St. John Paul II to dive into the mystical depths of the Rosary.

Resources We Talked About

The Contemplative Rosary by Dan Burke & Connie Rossini is available from Sophia Institute Press and your local Catholic bookstore.

Learn more about Mr. Burke and his many great projects at SpiritualDirection.com. We briefly discussed his previous book, Into The Deep—Finding Peace Through Prayer. 

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