Power in My Hands: New Film Sheds New Light on the Rosary

In select theaters across America, people have been inspired to pray the rosary because of the new film Power In My Hands. This revolutionary, feature-length documentary introduces the world to the beauty, timelessness, and power of the rosary by sharing the stories of ordinary families and individuals who have experienced miracles as a result of their devotion to this form of prayer.

Produced by the Rosary Evangelization Apostolate, written by Margie Mandli, and directed by John Shoemaker and Ryan Freng, “Power In My Hands” seeks to revitalize America – a society in spiritual crisis –  and instill an active response to the Blessed Mother’s plea for prayer through the making of this film. The ultimate goal is to bring others to know the hope that only Jesus Christ can offer us.

“Anyone who assimilates the mystery of Christ – and this is clearly the goal of the Rosary – learns the secret of peace and makes it his life’s project” (St. John Paul II, Rosarium Virginis Mariae).

St. Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis have all been advocates of the rosary, encouraging us to pray for peace and for our families. Even the Mother of Jesus has called upon humanity to offer the rosary for the salvation of the world through many of the Church-approved apparitions which are highlighted in the film. Yet, most people have not responded to these messages.

Power In My Hands seeks to creatively and effectively reach men, women, and children with this message in a way that has never been done before. Audiences are drawn in by the captivating, relatable stories of those featured in the film, as well as the theological insight presented.

It’s stories like Nancy Salerno’s that truly convict people of the power of the rosary. Nancy shares about the grief she felt as a young mother when she lost one of the twins she was carrying and the other was born with cerebral palsy. Struggling to deal with the pain of her loss while raising her three young children and caring for a newborn baby in need of medical attention, Nancy was led to the Holy Rosary. Nancy exudes peace and joy throughout the film. The kind of peace and joy that surpases all understanding and is very appealing for those facing trials of their own.

Another standout story is the miraculous testimony of Fr. Donald Calloway. Once a high school dropout, drug addict, and rebellious teen, he now lives a life of virtue, passionately sharing about his conversion and the love he has for the Blessed Mother. His words are encouraging for those with family members and loved ones who have strayed far from the faith. Fr. Calloway reminds us that hope is not lost if we place our trust in Jesus and ask Our Lady to intercede.

A surprising appearance by professional football player Philip Rivers inspires all to be obedient and disciplined when it comes this form of prayer. In a refreshing display of humility that most in the public eye seem to lack, Philip readily attributes his talents, gifts, and success to praying the Holy Rosary. His clear devotion to Mary shows audiences that to truly be a man of great strength, you must depend on your Mother.

These are just a few examples of the motivational stories of faith and devotion featured in “Power in My Hands”. Everyone will find a story that they can relate to. The testimonies are complemented by the wisdom and practical teachings of Bible scholar Jeff Cavin, Deacon Henry O. Reyes, Sr. Mary Samuel Handwerker, and many others.

“This new film project will help bring about spiritual renewal in our nation through the maternal and powerful intercession of Our Lady.”
– Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki, Archbishop of Milwaukee

Archbishop Listecki is among several Archbishops and Bishops from across the United States that have given their endorsement for “Power In My Hands”. It is easy to see why they are encouraging those they minister to to see this film. For centuries, religious leaders have been searching for ways to demonstrate the power of praying the rosary and it is finally here.

Whether you’ve been looking for a way to introduce family and friends to praying the rosary or you need some encouragement to begin praying the rosary yourself, this film will speak to your heart. After listening to the impact that the rosary has had on the people in the film and learning about the messages Mary has given in several of her apparitions, there is no denying the necessity of the rosary in the life of a Catholic.

Power in My Hands is a tool that will be useful for teachers and catechists, yet it is engaging enough for a family movie night. Many resources are available on the official website of “Power In My Hands” to help you host a parish viewing of the film and grow in your own devotion to praying the Holy Rosary.

Find out more about the film at powerinmyhandsthemovie.com

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