Polygamists and Sexual Rights

Marriage advocates warn that same-sex marriage will lead to polygamy. Lest we forget why polygamy is not a good thing, this article shows how it degrades women and the marriage bond.

Polygamy Throttles Women in Senegal

This comment, however, should put Western elites in their place who champion ‘sexual rights’:

“Lamine Camara, 22, a student at the Cheik Anta Diop University of Dakar, says he would rather be a polygamist and “officialise all my relationships instead of taking a string of girlfriends and risking diseases such as AIDS.”

Wendy Wright


Wendy Wright is a contributing writer for Turtle Bay and Beyond.

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  • bronwyn

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  • Peter Nyikos

    The standard line of the radical restructurers of society says, in effect, that “the slippery slope stops here”. First there was quickie divorce, then no-fault (read: unilateral) divorce, now same-sex marriage, but we are reassured not to fear that further developments undermining marriage are in the making.

    And in this case, the reassurance takes the form of “there is no big movement towards legalizing polygamy, or marriage between brothers and sisters living together, or lowering the age of consent to 12, or marriage between humans and animals …”[I could continue the list, but you get the picture].