Picture This: March for Life 2012

In spite of the rain, in spite of the cold, the turnout for the 39th Annual March For Life looked as strong as last year. People came from all over the country to celebrate life and to protest once again the unfortunate decision by the Supreme Court in the case of Roe v. Wade, legalizing abortion-on-demand.

I expected a lower turnout this year because of the rain, and also because most major cities are doing their own marching or walking (out West). The fact that the crowd is every bit as large as before in DC tells me the pro-life movement is growing.

But because of the rain there were fewer banners and signs, and therefore fewer pictures for me to take. Also, my camera is not waterproof! But I met some fantastic people, including a barefoot Franciscan monk and four girls with interesting, Who-ville hairdos.

The marchers holding the banner this year are from Alexandria, VA, more specifically Christiandom College. They marched boldly, chanted loudly, and did a wonderful job. It’s unfortunate, though, that the police, in their effort to clear the streets of people so the marchers could pass through, waved a large portion of the crowd forward rather than sideways, causing them to march ahead of the banner again this year. Next year this will have to be stopped.

The resistance to the March was futile as usual, with only 25-30 so-called “pro-choice” people waiting for us at the Supreme Court building, taunting us with chants and occasional obscene gestures (typical liberal petulance). Our numbers were in the low hundreds of thousands, perhaps 250,000 by my estimates. The vast throng of humanity seemed to go on forever….

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