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Oh yes, the clips are absolutely from a real movie. Allow me to introduce you to Homodi, better known around these parts as Turkish ET Part 2. Never let it be said we don’t support foreign filmmakers here at the B-Movie Catechism.



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  • Rev. John Lankeit

    I’m a little taken aback that something with foul language would appear on what has always been a good website.  DId the editor fall asleep?

    Fr. John Lankeit

  • David

    Hi Father, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I’m a little confused as there is no profanity in my post. The only implied profanity is bleeped out in traditional cartoon fashion through the use of symbols (see http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SymbolSwearing for an example of Donald Duck doing this). I can only guess that you’re referring to the word… well let’s just say DB since I believe that’s the one you probably find offensive. I’ve always considered it just another common colloquial insult along the lines of calling someone a butthead, and it’s a word which I have actually seen on a few other Catholic blogs, but I’m certainly not infallible and I’m open to being convinced it should be considered profanity if you or someone else would like to explain to me why it should.

  • Jeycowland

    John Lankeit missed the whole blessing of this by striving to find something wrong with it. This seems to be a natural tendency of church people. It is wrong. For your own sake, do not do what John Lankeit has done here.

    What normal, intelligent, reasonable adults (NIRA’s) see in this is a reminder of how the Chick-Fil-A employees blessed those who were persecuting them by giving them free beverages, for example.

  • David

    Hi Jey, thanks for the comments. You know, you can never tell how someone’s comments are going to come across when read on the Internet, but if this is the Fr. John Lankeit whom I believe it is (and really, how many can there be), then I’m pretty sure he’s on record in his dioscean newspaper as being very supportive of last week’s Chick-Fil-A appreciation day. I think he even offered to pay for anyone in his parish who couldn’t afford to eat there on Wednesday. Maybe it’s just the Knights of Columbus in me being overprotective of a priest, but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt here and say he wasn’t being critical of anyone but me. That being said, how cool were the Chick-Fil-A people in the way they responded to the protesters? An example for us all.

  • Frlankeit

    As a Roman Catholic priest (yes, a “church person”) I’m quite attuned to the issue of scandal. As someone whose life is always being scrutinized, I am sensitive to the need to reflect positively on my Church. A good Catholic website like this one likewise needs to be attentive to the way it reflects on the Church. If holding “things Catholic” to a higher standard disqualifies me from your NIRA club, then, in the now famous words of Dan Cathy, I’m “guilty as charged”!

    God bless you.

  • David

    Hi Father, thanks again for taking the time to leave another message. As you may have noticed, even though you were critical of my cartoon, I did defend your initial comments as I have no problem with being called out by a fellow Christian when I’ve done something wrong (it’s what we’re supposed to do after all). But again, could you be a little more specific in how you feel I’ve reflected poorly on the Church here, because I’m still unclear on where you believe I used foul language. If this is something you’d rather not get into in an Internet combox, feel free to email me at eegahinc@gmail.com. If you believe you’ve said all that needs to be said, or that your parish duties don’t leave you enough time to mess around with this any longer, that’s fine and thanks again for the comments, but I’m afraid we’ll just have to disagree over this one.